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Michał Cieślak is a Polish professional boxer who made his debut in June 2013 against Lukasz Zygmunt. Since then, he has fought in 24 bouts, winning 21 fights, losing 2, and with one no-contest. Cieślak has achieved 15 knockouts in his professional boxing career, which started off impressively with 13 consecutive victories after his debut. The boxer hasn't won any titles to date but has participated in two title fights.

Cieślak's first title fight occurred when he was 30 years old against Ilunga Makabu for the WBC (vacant) title in January 2020, his 20th professional bout. Unfortunately, he lost this title fight via a 12-round unanimous decision. It was his first defeat in a streak of 19 consecutive wins. He has never experienced a defeat by knockout, with both defeats coming via a decision. Cieślak's other title fight was against British boxer Lawrence Okolie for Okolie's cruiserweight WBO title on February 27, 2022. Cieślak lost this fight and is currently on a one-fight losing streak.

Despite his two title-fight defeats, Cieślak has had several notable victories in his career so far. He has beaten Yury Kashinsky, Taylor Mabika, Olanrewaju Durodola, Youri Kalenga, Shawn Cox, Francisco Palacios, and Art Binkowski. It is remarkable that Cieślak has never been knocked out in his career so far, and it shows his resilience and ability to withstand powerful hits from his opponents.

Cieślak's fighting style is typically aggressive, as he aims to overpower his opponents with his strength and reach. The boxer uses his long reach to maintain his distance from his opponents and to land powerful hits. He also likes to go on the offensive and look for openings to land solid hits, which has resulted in his impressive knockout record.

At the age of 33, Michał Cieślak has achieved a lot in his professional boxing career so far. He has had 24 fights, with 21 wins and 15 knockout victories, which is no small feat. Cieślak has exhibited consistency and determination in his career, and with more opportunities, he is capable of achieving greater success in the future.

Boxing fans are excited to see what the future holds for Cieślak as he continues to compete at the cruiserweight division. Although he has suffered setbacks in his two title fights, his ability to fight through to the final bell and keep coming forward proves his resilience and determination. Cieślak's next bout is yet to be announced, but boxing enthusiasts are eager to see this aggressive fighter step into the ring once again.

Michał Cieślak Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
24 Feb 27, 2022 32 Lawrence Okolie Loss UD
23 May 14, 2021 32 Yury Kashinsky Win TKO1
22 Dec 5, 2020 31 Taylor Mabika Win TKO6
21 Jan 31, 2020 30 Ilunga Makabu Loss UD
20 May 31, 2019 30 Olanrewaju Durodola Win TKO2
19 Mar 1, 2019 29 Youri Kalenga Win RTD7
18 Jun 16, 2018 29 Dusan Krstin Win RTD5
17 Jun 2, 2018 29 Serhiy Radchenko Win UD
16 Oct 21, 2017 28 Ivica Bacurin Win UD
15 Dec 10, 2016 27 Nikodem Jezewski NC NC
14 Sep 17, 2016 27 Iluian Ilie Win TKO2
13 May 28, 2016 27 Alexander Kubich Win TKO9
12 Apr 2, 2016 26 Francisco Palacios Win TKO4
11 Nov 27, 2015 26 Hamza Wandera Win TKO2
10 Sep 26, 2015 26 Shawn Cox Win KO1
9 Aug 22, 2015 26 Jarno Rosberg Win KO1
8 Jun 27, 2015 26 Antoine Boya Win TKO8
7 Sep 19, 2014 25 Ismail Abdoul Win UD
6 May 31, 2014 25 Andrzej Witkowski Win TKO2
5 Apr 26, 2014 25 Art Binkowski Win TKO2
4 Dec 22, 2013 24 Ferenc Zsalek Win TKO2
3 Nov 9, 2013 24 Mathieu Monnier Win UD
2 Oct 19, 2013 24 Lukasz Rusiewicz Win UD
1 Jun 29, 2013 24 Lukasz Zygmunt Win UD