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Óscar Valdez is a Mexican professional boxer who made his professional boxing debut against Angel Prado on November 3, 2012, at the age of 21. He won the fight via 2nd round technical knockout and went on to win 29 more consecutive fights to build an impressive record of 30 wins and 0 losses. Valdez's record includes 23 knockout wins and 2 title wins. Let's examine Valdez's career highlights, notable victories, and his only loss against Shakur Stevenson.

Valdez's first world title fight took place on July 23, 2016, against Matías Rueda for the featherweight WBO (vacant) title, after 19 professional fights. In this fight, Valdez defeated Rueda via 2nd round technical knockout to become the featherweight champion of the world. This win marked the start of his journey towards becoming an elite boxer.

One of Valdez's most notable victories was against Miguel Berchelt on February 20, 2021. Valdez won the WBC super-featherweight title from Berchelt by beating him via 10th round knockout. Valdez showed great resilience and heart in that fight, as Berchelt was regarded as one of the top fighters in the division at the time. Valdez's victory was not only impressive but also marked a significant moment in his career. He had become a two-weight world champion by winning titles in two different weight classes.

Valdez has had 31 fights in total, with 30 wins and only 1 loss against Shakur Stevenson via 12 round unanimous decision on April 30, 2022. Valdez had won all his previous thirty fights before the loss to Stevenson, indicating the level of success he had achieved in his career. The fight ended his 30-fight win streak, causing disappointment to his supporters, but Valdez did not lose hope, and he is looking to bounce back from that setback in his next fight.

Valdez's most recent fight was a super-featherweight title unification bout against Shakur Stevenson on April 30, 2022. He lost the fight via 12 round unanimous decision, which cost him his WBC title. Although Valdez lost the fight, he displayed an excellent fighting spirit and showed that he was one of the top fighters in his weight division. Valdez will hope to use the loss to motivate himself to come back better and stronger in his next fights.

Valdez's career summary includes 31 fights, with 23 of them ending in knockouts, two world titles at two different weight divisions, and 7 title defenses. Valdez has fought and defeated some of the top boxers in the world, including Miguel Marriaga, Jayson Vélez, Carmine Tommasone, Hiroshige Osawa, Adam Lopez, and Scott Quigg. Valdez's fighting style is very impressive, with his ability to throw a lot of punches and land accurate shots. He has an excellent defense and can counter punch effectively, making him a tough fighter to beat.

On May 20, 2023, Valdez is scheduled to fight Adam Lopez. Valdez will be looking to bounce back from his last defeat against Stevenson in this fight. He will be looking to show that he is still one of the top fighters in his division and looking to add another win to his already impressive record.

In conclusion, Óscar Valdez is an elite Mexican professional boxer who has achieved success in his professional career. Valdez has shown that he is a fighter with excellent fighting spirit and resilience. He has won two world titles at two different weight divisions and has defended his titles seven times. Although he has suffered a single defeat against Shakur Stevenson, Valdez remains one of the best fighters in his division, and he is looking to come back stronger in his next fight. Fans will be anticipating a thrilling and action-packed fight when Valdez steps into the ring against Adam Lopez on May 20, 2023.

Óscar Valdez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
32 May 20, 2023 32 Adam Lopez NA NA
31 Apr 30, 2022 31 Shakur Stevenson Loss UD
30 Sep 10, 2021 30 Robson Conceição Win UD
29 Feb 20, 2021 30 Miguel Berchelt Win KO10
28 Jul 21, 2020 29 Jayson Vélez Win TKO10
27 Nov 30, 2019 28 Adam Lopez Win TKO7
26 Jun 8, 2019 28 Jason Sanchez Win UD
25 Feb 2, 2019 28 Carmine Tommasone Win TKO7
24 Mar 10, 2018 27 Scott Quigg Win UD
23 Sep 22, 2017 26 Genesis Servania Win UD
22 Apr 22, 2017 26 Miguel Marriaga Win UD
21 Nov 5, 2016 25 Hiroshige Osawa Win TKO7
20 Jul 23, 2016 25 Matías Rueda Win TKO2
19 Apr 9, 2016 25 Evgeny Gradovich Win TKO4
18 Dec 12, 2015 24 Ernie Sanchez Win TKO3
17 Sep 11, 2015 24 Chris Avalos Win TKO5
16 Jun 27, 2015 24 Ruben Tamayo Win UD
15 Apr 11, 2015 24 Jose Ramirez Win KO3
14 Dec 20, 2014 23 Jean Javier Soto Win TKO5
13 Nov 15, 2014 23 Alberto Garza Win TKO7
12 Jul 26, 2014 23 Juan Ruiz Win UD
11 May 17, 2014 23 Noel Echeverria Win RTD6
10 Apr 12, 2014 23 Adrian Perez Win KO3
9 Mar 1, 2014 23 Samuel Sanchez Win TKO3
8 Dec 21, 2013 22 Cristian Barajas Win TKO1
7 Nov 9, 2013 22 Jesus Lule Win TKO5
6 Sep 28, 2013 22 Jose Morales Win TKO3
5 Jun 15, 2013 22 Gil Garcia Win TKO2
4 May 11, 2013 22 Rocco Espinoza Win TKO1
3 Mar 16, 2013 22 Carlos Gonzalez Win TKO4
2 Dec 7, 2012 21 Corben Page Win TKO2
1 Nov 3, 2012 21 Angel Prado Win TKO2