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Rashidi Ellis is a professional boxer from Massachusetts. He made his professional boxing debut in July 2013 against Josh Beeman, and has since then dominated the boxing world with outstanding performances.

Ellis has an impressive record of 24 wins, 1 loss, and 0 draws. Out of his 24 wins, 15 were won via knockout and he has never lost via knockout. In terms of title wins and defenses, he has not won any titles yet, nor has he defended any titles as he has not won any.

Despite having a single loss in his professional career, Ellis is known for his determination and hard work in the ring. He is highly skilled and has defeated some of the most prominent boxers in the industry, including Eddie Gomez, Saul Corral, and Alexis Rocha.

From 2013 to 2022, Ellis won 24 consecutive fights, making him one of the most impressive boxers in the industry. However, his perfect record was shattered in January 2023 when he lost to Roiman Villa via 12 round majority decision. Despite this loss, Ellis remains a highly respected boxer, and it is clear that he has his sights set on a return to form and a future world title shot.

Ellis' most recent fight was held on January 2023, a non-title bout against Colombian boxer Roiman Villa. Ellis showed great determination but ultimately lost the fight via 12 round majority decision. It has been two months and 24 days since this fight, and fans are eagerly anticipating his next move.

Throughout his career, Ellis has demonstrated an excellent work ethic and has honed his skills as a fighter. He is known for his ability to deliver powerful punches and for his exceptional movement in the ring. He has an impressive reach and has shown incredible footwork, allowing him to dodge and evade his opponents' attacks.

Despite his loss to Villa, Ellis remains a formidable opponent and has proven to be a significant threat to any challenger. His next fight promises to be an exciting one as fans eagerly anticipate his return to the ring.

In conclusion, Rashidi Ellis is a highly respected professional boxer with an impressive record. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated exceptional skill, determination, and resilience. Despite the loss to Villa, Ellis remains a fierce competitor with his sights set on future victories and potential world titles. With his excellent work ethic and undeniable talent, Ellis is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.

Rashidi Ellis Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
25 Jan 7, 2023 27 Roiman Villa Loss MD
24 Jul 9, 2022 27 Jose Marrufo Win TKO1
23 Oct 30, 2020 25 Alexis Rocha Win UD
22 Nov 23, 2019 24 Eddie Gomez Win UD
21 Oct 13, 2018 23 Saul Corral Win TKO7
20 Jun 29, 2018 23 Alberto Mosquera Win UD
19 Mar 24, 2018 22 Fidel Monterrosa Munoz Win TKO4
18 Apr 20, 2017 21 John Karl Sosa Win MD
17 Dec 16, 2016 21 Eddie Gomez Win KO1
16 Jul 15, 2016 21 Luis Hernandez Win UD
15 May 7, 2016 21 Marco Antonio Lopez Win UD
14 Mar 14, 2015 19 Victor Gonzalez Win TKO4
13 Nov 14, 2014 19 Joseph De los Santos Win TKO5
12 Sep 17, 2014 19 Jose Martinez Win TKO1
11 Aug 16, 2014 19 Joananthony Vazquez Win TKO2
10 Jul 19, 2014 19 David Martinez Win UD
9 Jul 11, 2014 19 Regino Canales Win TKO3
8 Jun 20, 2014 19 Juan Carlos Santos Guillen Win KO1
7 Jun 1, 2014 19 Juan Santos Rodriguez Win TKO1
6 May 3, 2014 18 Esteban Diaz Win TKO2
5 Mar 29, 2014 18 Orlando Falcon Win DQ
4 Mar 17, 2014 18 Bryan Abraham Win TKO2
3 Nov 23, 2013 18 Oscar Diaz Win TKO1
2 Sep 7, 2013 18 Aguilando Brandao Win TKO1
1 Jul 27, 2013 18 Josh Beeman Win UD