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Ricardo Rodriguez is a retired professional boxer who made his debut on April 14, 2011, and had over 20 years of experience in the boxing world. In his career, he fought a total of 23 fights, with 16 wins, 7 losses, 0 draws, and 0 no-contests. He won five fights via KO and had one title win.

His first major achievement in the professional boxing world came at the age of 25, on October 24, 2014, when he faced Edwin Rodriguez in a super-flyweight WBC (vacant) title fight. After 11 fights, Ricardo Rodriguez was able to win his first world title fight against Edwin Rodriguez in a 10-round unanimous decision, making him the super-flyweight champion of the world.

Throughout his career, Rodriguez had some notable victories over Jonathan Vidal, Carlos Narvaez, Daniel Lozano, David Quijano, and Daniel Olea. Rodriguez had a total of seven losses in his professional boxing career, with only one being a title bout and the other six being non-title fights. His first loss came against Giovanni Delgado Morales via 4 round split-decision on July 28, 2011.

Although Rodriguez suffered seven losses in his career, he was only stopped once, and six of his losses were via decision. Despite these losses, he continued to persevere, fighting whenever he could and trying his best to learn from every fight, improving his skills and techniques as he went along.

His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Ganigan Lopez on November 23, 2018. Ricardo Rodriguez lost the fight via 10 round unanimous decision. It's been more than four years since his last fight. However, even though he is retired from professional boxing, he continues to be an important figure in the boxing world, a mentor to aspiring boxers, and an inspiration to boxing enthusiasts around the globe.

Ricardo Rodriguez's boxing career spanned more than seven years, and he fought 23 fights in that time against some of the best boxers in the world. His title win was a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to his craft, and it will go down in history as an inspiration to future boxers.

Although Rodriguez finished his professional boxing career with a record of 16-7, he is still remembered as a fierce competitor who never gave up and fought until the end. His one title win will forever be remembered as a highlight in his career, and his dedication to the sport of boxing will inspire future generations of boxers to strive for greatness, just as he did.

In conclusion, Ricardo Rodriguez was a formidable opponent in the boxing world, with a record that was admirable and respectable. His one title win, along with his perseverance and dedication, will forever be remembered as an inspiration to future boxers. While his career may have ended, the impact he made in the boxing world will continue to be felt for years to come.

Ricardo Rodriguez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
23 Nov 23, 2018 29 Ganigan Lopez Loss UD
22 Feb 23, 2018 28 Jonathan Gonzalez Loss SD
21 Oct 13, 2017 28 Daniel Lozano Loss UD
20 May 21, 2017 27 Naoya Inoue Loss KO3
19 Feb 24, 2017 27 Carlos Narvaez Win KO4
18 Oct 14, 2016 27 David Quijano Win UD
17 Jun 24, 2016 26 David Quijano Win UD
16 Feb 26, 2016 26 Miguel Cartagena Win UD
15 Oct 16, 2015 26 David Carmona Loss SD
14 Jul 31, 2015 25 Daniel Lozano Win MD
13 Mar 13, 2015 25 Jonathan Vidal Win RTD7
12 Oct 24, 2014 25 Edwin Rodriguez Win UD
11 Jul 25, 2014 24 David Carmona Loss UD
10 Mar 21, 2014 24 Ricardo Alvarado Win UD
9 Sep 20, 2013 24 Fernando Fuentes Win UD
8 Jul 7, 2012 22 Jesus Magana Win UD
7 May 17, 2012 22 Daniel Olea Win TKO3
6 Mar 3, 2012 22 Jose Guadalupe Lopez Win KO1
5 Dec 3, 2011 22 Eder Chimal Alfaro Win UD
4 Oct 22, 2011 22 Enrique Castro Win UD
3 Jul 28, 2011 21 Giovanni Delgado Morales Loss SD
2 May 12, 2011 21 Jesus Romero Win UD
1 Apr 14, 2011 21 Hugo Esquivel Win TKO1