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Boxing has been known to produce great champions and memorable moments in the ring. One such fighter that made a mark in the sport is Rigoberto Álvarez. Born on January 25, 1977, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, he started his professional boxing career on February 1, 2000, at the age of 22. Álvarez had a remarkable career that spanned over 11 years, where he fought a total of 31 fights, with 27 wins and four losses.

The Mexican boxer had an impressive record, having won 20 of his fights via a knockout. Although he did not win any world titles, Álvarez made his mark in the sport with some notable victories over the likes of Nobuhiro Ishida, Eduardo Ayala, and Alfredo Contreras. Let's delve deeper into Álvarez's career to get a complete picture of his boxing journey.

Rigoberto Álvarez's Early Boxing Career

Álvarez's professional boxing career started with a bang, winning his debut fight against Ismael Rodriguez via a first-round knockout. This fight set the tone for his career as he went on to secure another 22 consecutive victories, 16 of which were knockouts. His winning streak was impressive, setting him up for bigger and better things in the boxing world.

One of the most notable wins during this period was his victory against Juan Carlos Sanchez, where Álvarez won via unanimous decision. The fight took place on October 28, 2007, and was for the WBA Fedebol welterweight title. This victory was a significant milestone in Álvarez's career, as it was one of his stepping stones towards higher-profile fights.

Rigoberto Álvarez's First Loss

Álvarez's first loss in his professional boxing career came on August 7, 2009, against William Gare. The fight, which went the full twelve rounds, ended in a unanimous decision in favor of Gare. It was a devastating loss for Álvarez, as it brought his 23-win streak to an end.

After this loss, Álvarez suffered three more defeats, all of which were via a decision from the judges. Despite these losses, Álvarez remained a fan favorite, with his all-out style that always kept audiences on edge.

Álvarez's Title Fight Against Austin Trout

After establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world, Álvarez went on to challenge Austin Trout for the WBA (Regular) (vacant) title on February 5, 2011. This fight was one of Álvarez's most significant accomplishments, as it marked his first title fight, although he was not able to win it.

The fight went the full twelve rounds, where Trout emerged as the clear winner via a unanimous decision from the judges. Despite this loss, Álvarez remained determined and continued to fight in the ring.

Álvarez's Retirement

Álvarez's last fight took place on October 19, 2011, against Australian boxer Anthony Mundine. The fight went the full twelve rounds, and Álvarez lost via a unanimous decision from the judges. This loss marked the end of Álvarez's boxing career, making his record stand at 27 wins and four losses.

Although Álvarez didn't win any world titles, he remains a notable fighter who left a mark in the ring. His exceptional record of 20 knockout victories and four losses is commendable, and it's no doubt that his boxing journey has been an inspiration to many aspiring boxers. Overall, Rigoberto Álvarez's boxing career serves as a testament to the hard work, perseverance, and dedication that it takes to be a professional boxer.

Rigoberto Álvarez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
31 Oct 19, 2011 33 Anthony Mundine Loss UD
30 Feb 5, 2011 33 Austin Trout Loss UD
29 Oct 9, 2010 32 Nobuhiro Ishida Win SD
28 Jul 10, 2010 32 Alfredo Trevino Win TKO1
27 Jun 12, 2010 32 Mauro Romero Win TKO2
26 Jan 16, 2010 31 Marco Antonio Rubio Loss TKO9
25 Oct 3, 2009 31 Fernando Vela Win RTD3
24 Aug 7, 2009 31 William Gare Loss UD
23 Mar 28, 2009 31 Eduardo Ayala Win RTD6
22 Jan 24, 2009 31 Jose Humberto Corral Win KO4
21 Oct 4, 2008 30 Erik Rafael Esquivel Win KO4
20 Jun 28, 2008 30 Felipe Romero Win KO3
19 May 30, 2008 30 Roberto Tena Win KO1
18 Apr 4, 2008 30 Juan Albarran Win TKO2
17 Dec 15, 2007 29 Alvaro Enriquez Win TKO2
16 Oct 19, 2007 29 Arturo Elizalde Win TKO2
15 Aug 18, 2007 29 Alfredo Contreras Win KO1
14 Dec 15, 2006 28 Francisco Sierra Win KO10
13 Oct 20, 2006 28 Hugo Lomeli Win KO4
12 Sep 22, 2006 28 Armando Patino Win KO1
11 Apr 15, 2006 28 Francisco Sierra Win PTS
10 Feb 24, 2006 28 Juan Carlos Sanchez Win KO1
9 Feb 4, 2006 28 Juan Carlos Sanchez Win KO1
8 Aug 26, 2005 27 Antonio Gonzalez Win PTS
7 Dec 4, 2004 26 Roberto Cruz Win PTS
6 Apr 13, 2002 24 Antonio Contreras Win KO1
5 Jun 15, 2001 23 Julian Venegas Win KO1
4 Mar 16, 2001 23 Jaime Enriquez Win PTS
3 Nov 2, 2000 22 Hugo Lomeli Win UD
2 Sep 8, 2000 22 Jaime Enriquez Win PTS
1 Feb 1, 2000 22 Ismael Rodriguez Win KO1