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Shakur Stevenson is one of the most talented and unbeaten boxers in modern history. His professional boxing career is nothing short of impressive. With a total of 19 fights, Shakur Stevenson has an undefeated record of 19-0, winning all his fights and retaining his unbeaten status. In addition, he has won four world titles at two weight classes.

Stevenson made his professional boxing debut against Edgar Brito on April 22, 2017, at the age of 19, which he won via 6-round technical decision. Since then, he has fought some of the world's top boxers and remains undefeated in his career.

On October 26, 2019, Shakur Stevenson made his first world-title fight debut with 12 professional fights when he faced Joet Gonzalez for the featherweight WBO (vacant) title. He won the contest via 12 round unanimous decision to become the featherweight champion of the world at just 22 years of age.

Stevenson has gone on to win three more world titles since, making him a four-time world champion at two different weight classes. He has won the WBO featherweight, WBO super featherweight, WBC, and The Ring super-featherweight titles.

Shakur Stevenson's most significant career highlights include his first world title win against Joet Gonzalez, his WBO super-featherweight title win from Jamel Herring, and becoming a unified super-featherweight world champion by beating Oscar Valdez via 12 round unanimous decision. Stevenson's impressive performances against top boxers such as Felix Caraballo, Jamel Herring, Joet Gonzalez, Alberto Guevara, Robson Conceição, and Jeremiah Nakathila demonstrate his exceptional boxing abilities.

Stevenson's most recent fight was against Robson Conceição in a non-title bout held on September 23, 2022. He won the 12-round contest via a unanimous decision. Shakur Stevenson is next scheduled to fight Shuichiro Yoshino on April 8, 2023.

Throughout his career, Stevenson has never lost a fight in his professional boxing career, and even more impressively, has never lost via KO. His record of 19 wins and zero losses is indicative of his remarkable capabilities in the ring.

Shakur Stevenson is widely considered one of the next big things in boxing, with many experts heralding him as a future pound-for-pound champion. His uncanny ability to evade his opponent's punches while delivering his own with precision and speed is just one of the many reasons why. Another is his ring IQ, which allows him to read and anticipate his opponents' moves with remarkable accuracy, giving him a significant advantage over most boxers in his class.

Stevenson has also demonstrated great versatility in his fighting style, combining technical expertise with speed and power. His devastating left-hand punches and superior footwork make him a formidable opponent that demands respect from even the most seasoned boxers.

It should be noted that Stevenson's boxing success is not only based on his natural talent but also on his extensive training and preparation. He is known for his rigorous daily training regime, which includes a mix of cardio, conditioning, and sparring sessions, to ensure that he is always in optimal physical and mental shape.

In conclusion, Shakur Stevenson is one of the most talented and impressive boxers of our time. With his unbeaten record, four world titles, and impressive victories against top contenders, Stevenson has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. His upcoming fight against Shuichiro Yoshino is one that boxing fans should not miss, as we expect another fantastic performance from the undefeated champion.

Shakur Stevenson Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
20 Apr 8, 2023 25 Shuichiro Yoshino NA NA
19 Sep 23, 2022 25 Robson Conceição Win UD
18 Apr 30, 2022 24 Óscar Valdez Win UD
17 Oct 23, 2021 24 Jamel Herring Win TKO10
16 Jun 12, 2021 23 Jeremiah Nakathila Win UD
15 Dec 12, 2020 23 Toka Khan Clary Win UD
14 Jun 9, 2020 22 Felix Caraballo Win KO6
13 Oct 26, 2019 22 Joet Gonzalez Win UD
12 Jul 13, 2019 22 Alberto Guevara Win KO3
11 Apr 20, 2019 21 Christopher Diaz Win UD
10 Jan 18, 2019 21 Jessie Cris Rosales Win TKO4
9 Oct 13, 2018 21 Viorel Simion Win TKO1
8 Aug 18, 2018 21 Carlos Ruiz Win UD
7 Jun 9, 2018 20 Aelio Mesquita Win TKO2
6 Apr 28, 2018 20 Roxberg Patrick Riley Win TKO2
5 Feb 16, 2018 20 Juan Tapia Win UD
4 Dec 9, 2017 20 Oscar Mendoza Win TKO2
3 Aug 19, 2017 20 David Michel Paz Win UD
2 May 20, 2017 19 Carlos Gaston Suarez Win TKO1
1 Apr 22, 2017 19 Edgar Brito Win TD