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Tania Álvarez is a professional boxer who made his debut against Natalia Francesca on October 23, 2021. The young boxer, who was just 19 years old at the time, won this fight via a 4-round majority decision. Since then, Álvarez has won six more consecutive fights, including one win via stoppage.

Álvarez has a total of eight fights under his belt, with seven wins and one loss. He has no draws or no-contests to his name. The boxer has won one fight via knockout, which took place early on in his career. Álvarez has yet to win a title in his professional career, and he has also never defended a title so far.

Despite having just one loss in his professional boxing career, Álvarez has already faced some tough opponents inside the ring. Some of his best and most notable victories include wins over Yaiza Souto, Vanesa Caballero, Daisy Preston, Cara McLaughlin, Enerolisa de Leon, Eva Cantos, and Natalia Francesca. He lost his most recent fight against Skye Nicolson, an Australian boxer, via a 10-round unanimous decision on February 4, 2023.

The loss against Nicolson on February 4, 2023, was the first and only time that Álvarez has been defeated in his professional boxing career so far. This defeat, which resulted in a one-fight losing streak for Álvarez, was arguably one of the toughest fights he has ever been in. Nicolson put up a good fight and ultimately won via unanimous decision. Despite this loss, Álvarez remains determined to keep improving and working hard in the ring.

Álvarez's professional boxing record is currently at 7-1, which includes one knockout win. He has yet to win a title or defend one. However, with his impressive record, it won't be long before Álvarez is a contender for a title belt. Although he suffered his first loss in early 2023, there's plenty of time for Álvarez to bounce back and achieve greatness in his professional boxing career.

Overall, Tania Álvarez is a young and promising boxer with an impressive record. He has already gone up against seasoned boxers and come out on top multiple times. His only loss so far was a tough battle against Skye Nicolson, but Álvarez remains determined to continue honing his skills and achieving greatness in the boxing ring.

Tania Álvarez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
8 Feb 4, 2023 21 Skye Nicolson Loss UD
7 Nov 18, 2022 20 Yaiza Souto Win TKO5
6 Oct 15, 2022 20 Enerolisa de Leon Win MD
5 Jun 11, 2022 20 Vanesa Caballero Win UD
4 Apr 2, 2022 20 Eva Cantos Win MD
3 Feb 26, 2022 20 Cara McLaughlin Win UD
2 Dec 18, 2021 19 Daisy Preston Win UD
1 Oct 23, 2021 19 Natalia Francesca Win MD