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Tervel Pulev is a Bulgarian professional boxer with an impressive career record of 16-1. Pulev made his boxing debut at the age of 33 in December 2016, defeating Tomislav Rudan via a third-round technical knockout. Over the course of his career, Pulev has fought in a total of 17 fights, with 13 of those fights ending in knockout wins. Furthermore, he has never faced a no-contest and has never lost a match via knockout.

During Pulev's career, he has won notable victories over fighters like Leonardo Damian Bruzzese, Vikapita Meroro, Kai Kurzawa, Armando Ancona, Scott Futrell, Laszlo Penzes, and Mikheil Khutsishvili. The most notable fight of his career, however, was his recent loss to Sergey Kovalev, which ended his impressive 16-fight win streak.

Despite the defeat, Pulev remains a formidable opponent in the boxing ring, with his incredible record speaks for itself. Out of his 16 victories, 12 were won via stoppage, which is quite impressive for any fighter.

It is worth noting that Pulev has yet to win any titles or defend any titles throughout his career, and he has not won any title-fight knockout wins either. However, he has still established himself as a fierce contender in the ring, and his career trajectory shows that he has the potential to achieve many great things.

In his most recent fight on May 14, 2022, Pulev faced Sergey Kovalev, the only boxer who had ever defeated him. Unfortunately, Pulev was unable to secure a victory against Kovalev. The fight ended in a 10-round unanimous decision, marking Pulev's first official defeat in over four years.

Despite the loss, Tervel Pulev is still considered to be one of the most talented and exciting boxers in Bulgaria. He is known for his impressive striking ability, his hard-hitting punches, and his ability to control fights with his footwork and solid defense.

As with any sport, boxing can be unpredictable, and anyone can be beaten at any time. Nevertheless, Pulev's remarkable record and impressive list of victories serve as a testament to his skill and dedication to his craft. With each new match, Pulev continues to inspire and impress boxing fans around the world.

Tervel Pulev Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
17 May 14, 2022 39 Sergey Kovalev Loss UD
16 Jan 29, 2021 38 Vikapita Meroro Win TKO9
15 Dec 14, 2019 36 DeShon Webster Win UD
14 Nov 8, 2019 36 Kai Kurzawa Win KO1
13 Mar 23, 2019 36 Mitch Williams Win UD
12 Oct 27, 2018 35 Leonardo Damian Bruzzese Win KO2
11 Jun 8, 2018 35 Armando Ancona Win TKO1
10 Apr 7, 2018 35 Laszlo Penzes Win KO2
9 Mar 10, 2018 35 Valery Brudov Win UD
8 Mar 2, 2018 35 Scott Futrell Win TKO1
7 Dec 23, 2017 34 Artsiom Charniakevich Win TKO2
6 Nov 18, 2017 34 Mikheil Khutsishvili Win KO1
5 Nov 11, 2017 34 Artem Redko Win TKO3
4 Jun 30, 2017 34 Drazan Janjanin Win KO2
3 Apr 28, 2017 34 Jakub Wojcik Win TKO3
2 Apr 8, 2017 34 Ramazi Gogichashvili Win KO1
1 Dec 3, 2016 33 Tomislav Rudan Win TKO3