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Thabiso Mchunu, also known as "The Rock," is a South African professional boxer. With 29 total fights under his belt, Mchunu has won 23, lost 6 and achieved 13 KO wins. Having never experienced a draw or no-contest throughout his career, Mchunu's fighting spirit is credited to his fierceness in the ring.

Mchunu started his professional boxing career on July 28, 2007, at just 19 years of age, facing Mzikayise Hlengwa. He took home the win via 4 round PTS in his debut match, leading him to a series of nine consecutive wins after his debut, seven of which came through stoppage.

One of Mchunu's most memorable fights was his first world title fight, which occurred on December 17, 2016, when he challenged Oleksandr Usyk for the WBO title at 28 years old. Despite fighting bravely, Mchunu eventually lost to Usyk via 9th round KO.

But Mchunu's career highlights still shine through, particularly his victory over Denis Lebedev, one of the toughest fighters in the sport. He beat Lebedev via 12th round unanimous decision on December 21, 2019.

Despite his impressive performance, Mchunu has also faced his share of defeats. He lost against Zack Mwekassa via 6th round TKO on October 24, 2011. Mchunu has lost a total of six times throughout his professional boxing career, with two of those losses occurring during title bouts while four others came during non-title fights.

Mchunu's most recent match was on January 29, 2022, against the Congolese boxer Ilunga Makabu. Mchunu challenged Makabu for his cruiserweight WBC title, but unfortunately, he lost the fight via 12 round split-decision, marking his first consecutive loss in the ring.

As of August 2022, Mchunu is ranked as the world's fifth-best cruiserweight boxer according to The Ring, BoxRec and TBRB, signifying his talent and ability as a fighter.

Standing at a height of 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) and a reach of 184 cm (72 in), Mchunu is recognized for his southpaw stance, which helps him gain an edge over his opponents. Currently, he competes in the cruiserweight weight class.

Mchunu's knockout expertise is impressive, with 13 of his wins being KO victories. As he has never had a draw or no-contest in his career, Mchunu's fighting spirit is credited to his fierceness in the ring.

In conclusion, Thabiso Mchunu, "The Rock" from South Africa, is a talented professional boxer with 29 fights under his belt. His career has seen him win 23 times, lose six and achieve an impressive 13 KO wins. Though he has faced some tough losses, his victories are notable, particularly his win over Denis Lebedev. Mchunu is ranked as the world's fifth-best cruiserweight, and his southpaw stance, along with his physical attributes, give him an edge over his opponents in the ring. While he may have faced recent defeats, there is no doubt that Mchunu will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the professional boxing world.

Thabiso Mchunu Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
29 Jan 29, 2022 33 Ilunga Makabu Loss SD
28 Mar 27, 2021 33 Evgeny Tishchenko Win UD
27 Dec 21, 2019 31 Denis Lebedev Win UD
26 Oct 20, 2019 31 Willbeforce Shihepo Win RTD3
25 Dec 8, 2018 30 Thomas Oosthuizen Win UD
24 Sep 1, 2018 30 Thomas Oosthuizen Loss MD
23 Jun 23, 2018 30 Ricards Bolotniks Win TKO6
22 Nov 25, 2017 29 Constantin Bejenaru Loss UD
21 Jun 10, 2017 29 Johnny Muller Win UD
20 Dec 17, 2016 28 Oleksandr Usyk Loss KO9
19 May 20, 2016 28 Boniface Kabore Win TKO2
18 May 16, 2015 27 Ilunga Makabu Loss KO11
17 Sep 20, 2014 26 Garrett Wilson Win UD
16 Jan 24, 2014 25 Olanrewaju Durodola Win UD
15 Aug 3, 2013 25 Eddie Chambers Win UD
14 Nov 10, 2012 24 Danie Venter Win KO5
13 Sep 22, 2012 24 Flo Simba Win TKO1
12 Jun 16, 2012 24 Flo Simba Win TKO1
11 Oct 24, 2011 23 Zack Mwekassa Loss TKO6
10 Jun 4, 2011 23 Danie Venter Win MD
9 Nov 5, 2010 22 Daniel Bruwer Win UD
8 Jan 22, 2010 21 Ruben Groenewald Win TKO4
7 May 15, 2009 21 Soon Botes Win TKO8
6 Oct 10, 2008 20 Marciano Commey Win KO1
5 Jul 11, 2008 20 Sean Santana Win RTD6
4 Feb 29, 2008 19 Patrick Madzinga Win TKO9
3 Jan 11, 2008 19 Jacques Moussisi Win TKO1
2 Nov 10, 2007 19 Kleinboy Maqashane Win TKO1
1 Jul 28, 2007 19 Mzikayise Hlengwa Win PTS