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Without a doubt, Troy Williamson is an exciting boxer to watch. Williamson is a professional boxer from Darlington, England. He made his professional boxing debut in October 2016, and since then, he has become one of the most talked-about boxers in the UK. In this article, we will take a closer look at Troy Williamson's professional boxing record and analyze his career so far.

Williamson's professional boxing record is quite impressive. He has fought in 21 fights, with 19 wins, one loss, and one draw. Williamson's impressive record includes 14 knockout wins, demonstrating his ability to knock out opponents. Despite this one loss, Williamson has shown a lot of promise throughout his career, and many fans believe he has the potential to become a world champion.

Williamson's professional boxing career began on October 29, 2016, at the age of 25. He faced off against Borislav Zankov, a Bulgarian boxer, winning the fight via 3rd round KO. After that, Williamson won six consecutive fights, four of them via stoppage. Williamson's impressive performance earned him a reputation as one of the up and coming boxers in the UK.

Williamson's best performances include wins over Ted Cheeseman, David Benitez, Rafał Jackiewicz, Kieran Smith, Daniel Urbanski, Dario Socci, and Ionut Trandafir. However, Williamson's most notable defeat came against Josh Kelly, who ended his incredible 19-fight win streak.

On December 2, 2022, Troy Williamson faced Josh Kelly in the ring for a non-title bout. The fight was Williamson's chance to show his fans that he was one of the best boxers in the UK. However, his hopes were crushed as he lost the fight via 12 round unanimous decision. This defeat ended Williamson's undefeated streak and was a significant blow to his career.

The loss to Kelly threw a wrench in Williamsons' plans, but it's nothing he cannot bounce back from. Williamson is a talented boxer who has shown what he is capable of in the ring. He has an impressive boxing style and is known for his ability to deliver devastating punches. Williamson's footwork and accuracy are some of his strong suits, and he is always looking to improve his technique.

Although Williamson is yet to win a professional boxing title and has never defended one, his performance in the ring is evidence that he has what it takes to become a champion. He is an aggressive fighter with excellent power and has demonstrated his ability to not only win fights but finish them in a convincing manner.

It's no wonder that Williamson is quickly becoming a fan favorite. His fighting spirit and never-give-up attitude have earned him a loyal following, and many believe he is destined for greatness in the boxing world.

In conclusion, Troy Williamson is a rising star in the boxing world. His impressive record speaks for itself, and his performances in the ring are a testament to his skill and dedication. While the loss to Kelly was undoubtedly a setback, it is nothing Williamson cannot overcome. With his talent and determination, he is likely to rise to greater heights in the boxing world in the coming years.

Troy Williamson Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
21 Dec 2, 2022 31 Josh Kelly Loss UD
20 Sep 17, 2022 31 David Benitez Win TKO6
19 Mar 25, 2022 30 Mason Cartwright Win UD
18 Oct 9, 2021 30 Ted Cheeseman Win KO10
17 Apr 30, 2021 29 Kieran Smith Win TKO6
16 Aug 15, 2020 28 Harry Scarff Win UD
15 Feb 29, 2020 28 Daniel Urbanski Win TKO2
14 Dec 21, 2019 28 Dario Socci Win TKO10
13 Oct 12, 2019 28 Ben Douglas Win TKO7
12 Jun 15, 2019 27 Edwin Palacios Win TKO6
11 May 3, 2019 27 Ionut Trandafir Win RTD2
10 Mar 23, 2019 27 Kevin McCauley Win KO2
9 Dec 22, 2018 27 Rafał Jackiewicz Win PTS
8 Jun 9, 2018 26 Jack Flatley Draw PTS
7 May 26, 2018 26 Michael Mora Win TKO2
6 Apr 21, 2018 26 Christian Hoskin-Gomez Win TKO4
5 Nov 11, 2017 26 Miguel Aguilar Win PTS
4 Jul 16, 2017 25 Alistair Warren Win TKO3
3 Mar 10, 2017 25 Casey Blair Win TKO3
2 Nov 26, 2016 25 Yailton Neeves Win PTS
1 Oct 29, 2016 25 Borislav Zankov Win KO3