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Tyrell Biggs, born on December 22, 1960, was an American professional boxer who competed in the heavyweight division from 1984 to 1998. With a height of 6 feet 5 inches and a reach of 80 inches, Biggs was a towering figure in the ring. What made him special, even more than his physical attributes, was his remarkable amateur boxing career. Before turning professional, Biggs won a gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in the super heavyweight division, the 1982 World Championships, and a bronze at the 1983 Pan American Games.

He made his professional boxing debut just a few months after winning an Olympic gold medal, facing Mike Evans on November 15, 1984, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Biggs defeated Evans via a 6 round unanimous decision. He then went on a 14 fight winning streak, stopping 10 of his opponents. In his 15th professional fight, Biggs had his first world title fight against the legendary Mike Tyson on October 16, 1987, for the WBA, WBC, and IBF heavyweight titles. Unfortunately, he lost to Tyson via a seventh-round TKO.

During his professional boxing career, Biggs won 30 fights out of 40 contests. Out of his 30 wins, 20 of them came by knockout, while he suffered 10 losses, 7 of which came via a knockout. He never won a title fight, nor did he defend a title. His career spanned more than 13 years, retiring from the sport in 1998 after a second-round knockout win against Carlton Davis. Although he did not win any title belts, he was an accomplished boxer and defeated some notable opponents.

Some of his most prominent wins include victories over Shane Sutcliffe, John Jones, Roy Jobe, Mike Faulkner, Carlton Davis, Charles Woolard, and Alan Jamison. He suffered his first loss against a formidable Mike Tyson, which ended his 15-fight win streak. After his first loss, Biggs went on to suffer nine more defeats in non-title bouts and one loss in a title bout, making it a total of 10 losses overall in his professional career.

Of his 10 losses, he lost three fights via decisions and was stopped seven times, which highlights his vulnerability against high-level opponents. Despite his losses, he always came back stronger and determined, proving he was more than just an Olympic champion but a professional fighter willing to take on the toughest opponents.

However, Biggs' on and off-ring issues with drug addiction often hindered his career progression, and he checked himself into rehab a few months after turning pro, which derailed his promising career. The struggles with addiction continued throughout his career, but he still fought between rehab stints.

One of his biggest bouts was against Tyson, which took place on October 16, 1987, at Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. The heavyweight title bout ended in favor of Tyson, who won via a seventh-round TKO. Biggs and Tyson had a feud going on before the fight, and Biggs had trash-talked Tyson before and after the match, which probably played a significant role in Tyson's approach to the bout. Tyson admitted after the contest that he "carried" Biggs to inflict more damage on him, in retaliation for Biggs' pre-match comments.

Throughout his career, Biggs fought other notable boxers, including Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Tony Tubbs, and Larry Donald. Though, he lost to all of them by stoppage or decision. Regardless, Biggs' career will always be remembered as one of the best in boxing history, with his amateur career alone earning him a spot amongst the greatest fighters of all time.

In conclusion, Tyrell Biggs may not have won any professional boxing titles, but he certainly had an impressive resume with wins over some notable opponents. His career proved that he had what it took to compete at the highest level but was often subverted by the personal issues he faced outside the ring. Despite this, Biggs' legacy in the sport of boxing will live on, and he will always be remembered as a highly competent athlete who represented the United States at the Olympics and competed valiantly in his professional career.

Tyrell Biggs Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
40 Aug 27, 1998 37 Carlton Davis Win KO2
39 Sep 11, 1997 36 Larry Donald Loss KO2
38 Feb 19, 1997 36 Alonzo Hollis Win PTS
37 Jan 11, 1997 36 Andre Crowder Win TKO1
36 Apr 4, 1994 33 Ray Anis Loss TKO3
35 Feb 5, 1994 33 Buster Mathis Jr. Loss UD
34 Dec 3, 1993 32 Evgeny Sudakov Win SD
33 Dec 3, 1993 32 Shane Sutcliffe Win TKO2
32 Dec 3, 1993 32 Tony Tubbs Loss UD
31 Jan 17, 1993 32 Mike Hunter Loss UD
30 Dec 8, 1992 31 Marion Wilson Win UD
29 Nov 19, 1992 31 John Jones Win KO2
28 Jul 18, 1992 31 Roy Jobe Win KO1
27 May 29, 1992 31 Mike Faulkner Win TKO2
26 May 7, 1992 31 Charles Woolard Win TKO1
25 Apr 18, 1992 31 Alan Jamison Win KO1
24 Nov 23, 1991 30 Lennox Lewis Loss TKO3
23 Mar 2, 1991 30 Riddick Bowe Loss TKO8
22 Dec 8, 1990 29 Rodolfo Marin Win UD
21 Apr 5, 1990 29 Rick Kellar Win TKO2
20 Jan 11, 1990 29 Ossie Ocasio Win UD
19 Nov 29, 1989 28 Bobby Crabtree Win TKO5
18 Oct 4, 1989 28 Gary Mason Loss KO7
17 Oct 29, 1988 27 Francesco Damiani Loss TKO5
16 Oct 16, 1987 26 Mike Tyson Loss TKO7
15 Jul 31, 1987 26 Lorenzo Boyd Win TKO3
14 Mar 7, 1987 26 David Bey Win TKO6
13 Dec 12, 1986 25 Renaldo Snipes Win UD
12 Oct 29, 1986 25 Robert Evans Win KO5
11 Sep 14, 1986 25 Percell Davis Win UD
10 Aug 14, 1986 25 Rodney Smith Win RTD7
9 Mar 23, 1986 25 Jeff Sims Win UD
8 Jan 25, 1986 25 James Tillis Win UD
7 Dec 21, 1985 24 Tony Anthony Win KO1
6 Nov 19, 1985 24 Danny Sutton Win TKO7
5 Aug 29, 1985 24 Sterling Benjamin Win TKO7
4 Jul 13, 1985 24 Eddie Richardson Win TKO3
3 May 17, 1985 24 Grady Daniels Win RTD2
2 Apr 20, 1985 24 Mike Perkins Win TKO1
1 Nov 15, 1984 23 Mike Ronay Evans Win UD