Fairtex Boxing Gloves

A Review of Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Boxing Gloves are one of the best brands in the market. Their products are made of high quality materials and they have been used by professional boxers. They are very durable and can withstand a lot of force. But then these gloves also come with their fair share of cons. This buyer's guide will tell you about them.

One of the biggest problems with Fairtex Boxing Gloves is the fact that they don't have any padding inside the gloves. In sparring, respect starts even before the fist actually lands. So, you have to have quality protective gear not only to prevent your opponent from getting hurt, but to ensure that you also don't end up hurting him. The padding inside these muay thai gloves guides your wrists and hands so that they don't slip when your opponent connects with a wicked kick.

But then even though this padding is essential, it isn't cheap. For every four ounces of bag you use, you have to pay one cent. This is because the foam used in making these gloves is expensive and the manufacturer doesn't have to make it in bulk. The result is cheaper foam, which can be used to get a similar effect as expensive foam. To get around this problem, manufacturers have found a solution by using polyurethane padding instead of the foam.

Polyurethane has many benefits. It is lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear and it repels water like a natural sponge. So these gloves feel soft and comfortable on your hands. These gloves are also easy to clean and there is no risk of damaging them by washing them in running water. As for the design of the gloves, they are designed to provide you with a gripping surface and this helps improve your hand and wrist coordination.

In addition to all this, they feature other features like anti-slip grip and extra finger holes for increased comfort. All in all, these gloves are a high quality training glove that can help increase your strength and comfort during training or sparring. So if you want to buy a comfortable and stylish pair of gloves, then these are the ones that you should buy. They come in two different styles, the Fairtex Basic Training Glove and the Fairtex Pro sparring glove.

The Fairtex Basic Training Glove has been specifically designed to improve your dexterity in gripping various objects including punching bags. It features an over-the-shoulder strap which allows you to wear the gloves comfortably and securely over your shoulders. This makes it easier for you to train without having to deal with the hassle of adjusting them during the changing workout routine. Because of the over-the-shoulder strap, beginners are able to get used to wearing and controlling the bag gloves more easily compared to those who prefer to wear bag gloves.

Fairtex Pro sparring gloves are equipped with added padding on the thumbs as well as the forearms. In fact, this is one of the few brands of gloves available that include thumb padding. This not only provides more padding on the forearms and thumbs but also improves wrist motion during punching. The added thumb padding is also beneficial because it prevents your forearms from becoming injured while you are using your punches. You'll notice that the thumb pads do not dig into your skin as much because of all the foam stuffed inside them.

With all these amazing features, it's hard to imagine anyone could find an downside to buying Fairtex gloves. However, there are some people who have found out to their disappointment by trying to use them for regular or sparring use and they found out that the padding on the forearms and the thumbs were not very comfortable. If you are looking for a high quality pair of durable high quality gloves that feel comfortable to wear, then these gloves are really great.