Karate Uniform

Legend Legacy Karate Outfit with Free Belt for Kids and Adults, Martial Arts Uniform - Unisex 8OZ Poly Cotton Twill - 9 Sizes (White, 1)
MACS Martial Arts Karate Uniform for Kids & Adult Lightweight Student Gi with Free Belt (White, 1)

MACS Martial Arts Karate Uniform for Kids & Adult Lightweight Student Gi with Free Belt (White, 1)

The History of Karate Uniforms

The karate uniform is one of the most important pieces of karate kit. Traditionally, a karate uniform comprises of a plain karate uniform (kimono), a belt, and some shin guards or gaiters. Today, there are many more options which make choosing your karate uniform much easier. Here are just a few of the changes in karate uniform design over the past couple of decades:

Karate has two traditions when it comes to karate uniforms. One is the karate gi which has always been black in color. The karate uniform that was used for competitions and practice in Japan was completely different from the karate uniform we know in the U.S. today. Karate in Japan was blue, and the karate uniform for white was called datake, which literally means "dots". In short, the karate uniform had a completely different look than it does here in the US.

Recently, another karate uniform option has come onto the market. Today, there is a choice between a cotton karate uniform and a polyester karate gi. Cotton offers the comfort of a karate gi while being far more breathable. Polyester offers durability and extra comfort and it is also machine washable.

The karate uniform mentioned above usually had a belt on it. The original karate uniform was made up of a single layer of fabric. This was then stitched onto the bottom part of the karate uniform. This was called the hitokan, or "cloth belt".

Today's karate uniforms have evolved greatly with the addition of many new styles. Most uniforms are now made up of two layers of material. The first layer is the karate gi jacket. These are typically plain colored, no color sleeves or pockets. The second layer is called the pants.

Karate uniforms are available for all sizes from small to large. Karate GI style uniforms are not only made for beginners, but are also used by advanced students who want to show off their heavy weight build. If you are interested in purchasing a karate gi to use in class, it is important to know which size chart is best to use.

In Japanese, the term for karate uniform is referred to as argyaku. The most commonly used word in English is "karate" which is a combination of two words "karate" and "ga". Many websites that offer martial arts supplies and uniforms will display a size chart with the sizes corresponding to the illustration. You can also get a standard black Gi with or without a belt, black-colored pants or a gi with pants. There are a few additional colors that are sometimes used for specific karate outfits.

A standard Taekwondo uniform consists of a black top, red pants and dark black Gi. The belt is usually gold or silver. Black is the favored color for dobok style uniforms. A dobok is worn very loosely across the stomach so that the instructor can clearly see the student's legs. A typical dobok has a buckle at the waist and is held on the waist with the shoulder tabs pointing towards the front.

Some martial arts academies have developed their own version of the karate uniform. In such cases, the uniform is blue in color, but the Gi is white. Traditionally, students would write their japanese name in Japanese on the back of the Gi before they had it pressed into their hands.

Another variation of the karate uniform is the judo pants. Judo pants are similar to the karate uniform in that they are blue in color. The difference is that judo pants have no belt. They are simply fitted to the wearer with straps that help hold up the pants.

For those wanting to practice a form of martial arts that does not involve the use of a uniform, there are many different styles of martial arts clothing. One of the most popular variations is the jiu jitsu gi. This particular type of gi has been around for a very long time. Originally, it was only available to those who could speak Chinese. Today, anyone can purchase a jiu jitsu Gi in order to practice this type of martial art.

Regardless of which type of uniform you prefer, you will find that it can make a difference when you are doing your martial arts training. Martial arts uniforms like the karate uniform and the judo pants can help to make you look as if you are ready to defend yourself in real life situations. This will make you appear more professional and more prepared to face your attacker. No one wants to fight without the proper attire, so be sure that you keep your karate uniforms and your judo pants in top shape.