Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots

A Review of Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots

For the past several years Reebok has been an innovator and leader in the sports shoe industry, and their newest boot, the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots, is designed to give their boxing athletes the maximum performance available. This shoe is a high tech endeavor from Reebok that includes top of the line materials and construction techniques. If you're in the market for some top boxing shoes then take a look at what the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots have to offer.

First, let's start with the foot bed. This is where your toes will rest while you are in the boxing position. The Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots boasts a well contoured design which includes the shoe's inner lining. This feature provides a snug fit that is comfortable to wear and perform. You'll also find a leather sock liner, textile lining and padded tongues which provide additional support.

Next on the list is the mid-sole. This piece of material is used to absorb shock and provide optimum support. Because Reebok makes two different styles of boxing shoes, the Reebok Renegade features a mid-sole design for optimum comfort. It also has arch support for optimum stability and balance. And because this shoe uses Reebok's own Dualdensity mid-sole technology, this pair of boxing shoes is made to last.

Then we come to the outsole. Made of high density EVA, this outsole can withstand strong blows and is highly resilient. Another great thing about the Reebok Renegade is that it can be worn as a training shoe as well as a boxing shoe. It is made of rubber but the good news is that Reebok offers replacement shoes if the shoe becomes damaged or doesn't function as intended.

The insole is designed to provide maximum grip and support while also providing ultimate lateral flexibility. For this reason Reebok designed it to have a tongue with grooves for enhanced traction. This feature is perfect when you are on the go as it can allow you to move freely and take advantage of every move you make. In addition to the improved grip and support, the tongue also adds another dimension of comfort. Reebok uses a soft, comfortable textured mid-sole for a comfortable and snug fit.

One might think that with all the features and cushioning in a Reebok Rebounder, they have made something that will crush and rip but not so. This amazing shoe features a mesh side zip for breathability and protection from sweat and debris. Also the soft lining in the shoe helps prevent blisters and cut down on any chance of blisters creating discomfort or injury. Finally, the shoe includes an adjustable insole with an included electronic shaper to contour your foot for optimum support.

Many have claimed that the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots are among the best shoes they have ever owned. Even with a significant amount of walking, running and jumping the shoe remains stable and does not lose its stability. This stability is one of the primary reasons that make the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots such a popular choice. The shoe uses a unique Vibram rubber compound for maximum durability and comfort. This compound has helped to create the amazing durability that is featured in the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots.

Reebok has spent years designing, testing and researching every aspect of pro boxing footwear. This all has paid off as Reebok has designed shoes that are specifically designed to withstand the rigorous activities involved in professional boxing. When you consider that most of the other brands of pro boxing shoes wear out over time, you will appreciate the hard work Reebok has put into the development of their Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots. You will find the durable rubber compound, the amazing comfort and durability, the adjustable straps and the excellent design of the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots will make this the best pair of boxing shoes you have ever owned.