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Ingemar Johansson, also known as "Ingo" or "The Hammer of Thor," was a Swedish professional boxer who competed from 1952 to 1963. Johansson had a successful boxing career, winning 26 fights out of his 28 total fights, with 17 of those wins coming by knockouts. Johansson only suffered two losses in his career, both of which were in title fights.

Johansson made his professional debut at the age of 20 on December 5, 1952, defeating Robert Masson via 4th round KO. Johansson then went on to win 21 more consecutive fights, including 13 wins via stoppage. It wasn't until his 22nd professional fight that Johansson had his first world title bout at the age of 26 on June 26, 1959, against Floyd Patterson for the heavyweight NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring titles. Johansson defeated Patterson via third round TKO, becoming the NBA, NYSAC, and The Ring heavyweight champion of the world.

Although Johansson had a total of 28 fights in his professional boxing career, this win against Floyd Patterson became the sole highlight of his career. Johansson's nickname "The Hammer of Thor" was fitting for his concussive power, with his right fist named "Thunder and Lightning". In 2003, he was ranked as number 99 on The Ring magazine's list of the 100 greatest punchers of all time.

Johansson had two losses in his career, both of which were in title fights. He suffered his first loss against Floyd Patterson via 5th round KO on June 20, 1960. Both of Johansson's losses came via stoppage.

Some of Johansson's best fights and notable victories included wins over Hall-of-Famer Floyd Patterson, Eddie Machen, Heinz Neuhaus, Joe Erskine, Dick Richardson, Wim Snoek, and Hein ten Hoff. Johansson also held the European heavyweight title twice, from 1956 to 1958 and from 1962 to 1963. As an amateur, he won a silver medal in the heavyweight division at the 1952 Summer Olympics.

Johansson retired from professional boxing with a record of 26-2, which included 17 knockout wins and two losses via knockout, and one title win. In 2002, he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF).

Johansson was known for his flamboyant personality and colourful character, which was a precursor to the "Swinging Sixties". One publication dubbed Johansson "boxing's Cary Grant", and in 1960 he appeared in the movie All the Young Men as a marine, alongside stars Alan Ladd and Sidney Poitier.

Ingemar Johansson may have only had 28 fights in his professional boxing career, but his impact on the boxing world is undeniable. His nickname "The Hammer of Thor" was fitting for his incredible concussive power, and his 26-2 record with 17 knockouts shows he was a formidable opponent. Although his career highlights were focused on his world title win against Floyd Patterson, Johansson's legacy lives on as one of the greatest punchers of all time.

Ingemar Johansson Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
28 Apr 21, 1963 30 Brian London Win PTS
27 Jun 17, 1962 29 Dick Richardson Win KO8
26 Apr 15, 1962 29 Wim Snoek Win KO5
25 Feb 9, 1962 29 Joe Bygraves Win TKO7
24 Mar 13, 1961 28 Floyd Patterson Loss KO6
23 Jun 20, 1960 27 Floyd Patterson Loss KO5
22 Jun 26, 1959 26 Floyd Patterson Win TKO3
21 Sep 14, 1958 25 Eddie Machen Win KO1
20 Jul 13, 1958 25 Heinz Neuhaus Win TKO4
19 Feb 21, 1958 25 Joe Erskine Win TKO13
18 Dec 13, 1957 25 Archie McBride Win PTS
17 May 19, 1957 24 Henry Cooper Win KO5
16 Dec 28, 1956 24 Peter Bates Win KO2
15 Sep 30, 1956 24 Franco Cavicchi Win KO13
14 Apr 15, 1956 23 Hans Friedrich Win PTS
13 Feb 24, 1956 23 Joe Bygraves Win PTS
12 Aug 28, 1955 22 Hein ten Hoff Win KO1
11 Jun 12, 1955 22 Günter Nurnberg Win KO7
10 Apr 3, 1955 22 Uber Bacilieri Win UD
9 Mar 4, 1955 22 Aldo Pellegrini Win DQ
8 Feb 13, 1955 22 Kurt Schiegl Win TKO5
7 Jan 6, 1955 22 Ansell Adams Win PTS
6 Nov 5, 1954 22 Werner Wiegand Win TKO5
5 Dec 3, 1953 21 Raymond Degl'lnnocenti Win KO2
4 Mar 12, 1953 20 Erik Jensen Win PTS
3 Mar 6, 1953 20 Lloyd Barnett Win PTS
2 Feb 6, 1953 20 Emile Bentz Win KO2
1 Dec 5, 1952 20 Robert Masson Win KO4