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Lukasz Rozanski is a Polish boxing sensation who has taken the boxing world by storm. With a professional record of 14-0, which includes 13 knockout victories, Rozanski has established himself as one of the most promising fighters in the heavyweight division.

Rozanski made his professional debut against Mateusz Zielinski on October 17, 2015, at the age of 29. He won the bout via a first-round knockout, marking the start of an impressive unbeaten streak that has continued to this day. Over the years, Rozanski has fought some of the most notable boxers, including Artur Szpilka, Izuagbe Ugonoh, Eriks Kalasnikovs, Ozcan Cetinkaya, Eugen Buchmueller, Michael Sprott, and Albert Sosnowski, defeating all of them.

More recently, Rozanski fought Polish boxer Artur Szpilka on May 30, 2021, in a non-title bout in which he recorded yet another first-round KO victory. It has been over a year since the fight, and Rozanski is currently on a 14-fight winning streak. He is next scheduled to fight Alen Babic on April 22, 2023, in what promises to be an exciting fight.

Despite his impressive track record, Rozanski has yet to win any titles or have any title defenses to his name. However, this is expected to change soon, given his undeniable talent and the rapid progress he has made in the sport.

What sets Rozanski apart from other boxers in his division is not just his impeccable record, but also his technique and fighting style. Rozanski is a natural southpaw, which gives him an edge in the ring. He has exceptional footwork and is incredibly agile, making it difficult for his opponents to land a blow. Additionally, Rozanski possesses an incredible amount of power in his punches, which is evident from his 13 KO victories.

Rozanski's upcoming fight against Alen Babic is expected to be his toughest bout to date. Babic, who has been making a name for himself in the heavyweight division, is known for his aggressive and relentless fighting style. However, Rozanski has said that he is ready to take on the challenge and is confident that he will emerge victorious.

One thing that sets Rozanski apart from many other successful boxers is his humility and work ethic. Despite his remarkable success in the sport, Rozanski remains grounded and is always looking to improve. He is constantly working to develop his skills and is never satisfied with his performance in the ring.

In conclusion, Lukasz Rozanski is a boxing prodigy who has taken the world of boxing by storm. With an impressive unbeaten streak of 14-0, including 13 knockout victories, Rozanski has established himself as one of the most promising boxers in the heavyweight division. His upcoming fight against Alen Babic is expected to be his biggest challenge yet, but Rozanski is confident that he will come out on top.

Lukasz Rozanski Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
15 Apr 22, 2023 37 Alen Babic NA NA
14 May 30, 2021 35 Artur Szpilka Win KO1
13 Sep 19, 2020 34 Ozcan Cetinkaya Win TKO2
12 Jun 20, 2020 34 Eriks Kalasnikovs Win TKO2
11 Jul 6, 2019 33 Izuagbe Ugonoh Win KO4
10 Nov 10, 2018 32 Eugen Buchmueller Win TKO1
9 Jun 2, 2018 32 Michael Sprott Win TKO2
8 Feb 10, 2018 32 Andras Csomor Win TKO2
7 Sep 9, 2017 31 Albert Sosnowski Win KO1
6 Apr 22, 2017 31 Marko Colic Win KO2
5 Feb 25, 2017 31 Laszlo Toth Win TKO1
4 Oct 22, 2016 30 Sandor Balogh Win KO1
3 May 21, 2016 30 Bartosz Szwarczynski Win TKO1
2 Nov 27, 2015 29 Artsiom Charniakevich Win UD
1 Oct 17, 2015 29 Mateusz Zielinski Win KO1