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Antonio Margarito, a former professional boxer, was born on March 18th, 1978, in Tijuana, Mexico. He became a professional boxer in 1994, at the age of 15, and had an illustrious career spanning over 23 years, from 1994 to 2017. During his professional career, he defeated many reputable boxers and won three world titles at welterweight.

Margarito had a total of 50 fights during his career, out of which he won 41, lost 8, and had no draws or contests. Twenty-seven of his wins came by knockout, and he suffered two losses via knockout himself. His career highlights are memorable and are a testament to his boxing prowess.

One of his best bouts was on March 16th, 2002, against Antonio Díaz when he won the WBO (vacant) welterweight title by defeating Diaz via 10th round TKO. This victory marked the start of his journey towards becoming a renowned welterweight champion.

In 2005, Margarito successfully defended the WBO welterweight title against Kermit Cintrón, winning the fight via 5th round TKO. Then, in 2008, he won the IBF welterweight title from Kermit Cintrón, defeating him again with a 6th round KO victory.

Margarito's monumental win came on July 26th, 2008, when he became the WBA welterweight champion after defeating the then relatively young Miguel Cotto in a fight that didn't disappoint. The two fighters went head to head, and while Cotto gave Margarito a tough fight, he eventually won in the 11th round via TKO. This victory marked the peak of Margarito's career, and it further cemented his status as a top-tier fighter.

However, Margarito's career wasn't without its share of challenges. He lost to Manny Pacquiao, one of the best fighters of his time. The fight occurred on November 13th, 2010, and it was for the WBC (vacant) super-welterweight title. Margarito lost the match via a 12 round unanimous decision, and it remains one of his most infamous matches. Despite the defeat, Margarito had nothing but respect and admiration for Pacquiao.

Margarito's career summary is fascinating, and it showcases his talent and skills as a professional fighter. In his debut fight against Jose Trujillo, at the age of 15, he achieved a unanimous decision win. He went on to win four more consecutive fights, three of which came by stoppage. He had his first title fight in 2002 against Antonio Diaz, in which he won the WBO welterweight title.

Throughout his career, Antonio Margarito fought some of the best fighters around, and he made a name for himself as a formidable opponent. Some of his opponents include Hall-of-Famer Miguel Cotto, Kermit Cintrón, David Kamau, Sergio Martínez, Joshua Clottey, and Ramón Álvarez. These matches were not only challenging, but they also helped create some of the most unforgettable boxing moments in recent history.

Margarito's performance in his career speaks to a level of expertise that few professional boxers achieve. He won three world titles at welterweight, and he also defended those titles seven times. Margarito's performance in title fights was impressive, as he won eight of those via KO victories.

However, Margarito's career also came with some defeats. He lost a total of eight fights, with five of those losses occurring in title bouts and three in non-title bouts. His first loss came against Victor Lozoya in 1994 via 6 round PTS. Margarito was stopped via KO twice and recorded six losses via decision.

Antonio Margarito retired from professional boxing in 2017. His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Carson Jones on September 2nd, 2017. Margarito won the fight via 7th round technical-decision, and it marked the end of an era.

Antonio Margarito's career highlights and lows can be summed up by his fight records. With a total of 50 fights, 41 victories, and 27 of those victories achieved through knockouts, Margarito is a boxer that will forever remain engraved in boxing's history. He successfully won three world titles, defended those titles seven times, and won eight of his title fights via knockout victories. While his record also shows that he suffered eight losses, with six occurring via decision, there is no denying that Margarito's performance in the ring was nothing short of outstanding.

Antonio Margarito remains a revered figure in the boxing community, and his contribution to the sport will always be remembered. His accomplishments and achievements within the boxing world speak to his expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness as a professional fighter. His legendary bouts and victories will continue to ignite boxing enthusiasts for years to come.

Antonio Margarito Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
50 Sep 2, 2017 39 Carson Jones Win TD
49 Aug 13, 2016 38 Ramón Álvarez Win SD
48 Mar 5, 2016 37 Jorge Páez Jr. Win UD
47 Dec 3, 2011 33 Miguel Cotto Loss RTD9
46 Nov 13, 2010 32 Manny Pacquiao Loss UD
45 May 8, 2010 32 Roberto García Win UD
44 Jan 24, 2009 30 Shane Mosley Loss TKO9
43 Jul 26, 2008 30 Miguel Cotto Win TKO11
42 Apr 12, 2008 30 Kermit Cintrón Win KO6
41 Nov 10, 2007 29 Golden Johnson Win TKO1
40 Jul 14, 2007 29 Paul Williams Loss UD
39 Dec 2, 2006 28 Joshua Clottey Win UD
38 Feb 18, 2006 27 Jaime Manuel Gómez Win TKO1
37 Apr 23, 2005 27 Kermit Cintrón Win TKO5
36 Feb 18, 2005 26 Sebastián Luján Win TKO10
35 Sep 11, 2004 26 Daniel Santos Loss TD
34 Jan 31, 2004 25 Hercules Kyvelos Win TKO2
33 Oct 17, 2003 25 Maurice Brantley Win TKO2
32 Feb 8, 2003 24 Andrew Lewis Win TKO2
31 Oct 12, 2002 24 Danny Perez Ramírez Win UD
30 Mar 16, 2002 23 Antonio Díaz Win TKO10
29 Jul 21, 2001 23 Daniel Santos NC NC
28 Mar 30, 2001 23 Robert West Win KO1
27 Dec 10, 2000 22 Frankie Randall Win RTD4
26 Sep 17, 2000 22 José Luis Benítez Win TKO1
25 Jun 16, 2000 22 David Kamau Win TKO2
24 Feb 19, 2000 21 Sergio Martínez Win TKO7
23 Dec 15, 1999 21 Efrain Munoz Win KO2
22 Oct 23, 1999 21 Buck Smith Win TKO5
21 Jun 12, 1999 21 Danny Perez Win SD
20 Jun 7, 1999 21 Daniel Mendez Win KO3
19 Dec 4, 1998 20 Reyes Estrada Win KO2
18 Jun 27, 1998 20 Javier Francisco Mendez Win KO10
17 Apr 24, 1998 20 Miguel González Win UD
16 Nov 29, 1997 19 Cesar Valdez Win TKO5
15 Jun 26, 1997 19 Horatio Garcia Win UD
14 Dec 2, 1996 18 Juan Soberanes Win UD
13 Oct 14, 1996 18 Alfred Ankamah Win KO4
12 Jun 28, 1996 18 Rodney Jones Loss UD
11 Apr 18, 1996 18 Juan Yoani Cervantes Win KO4
10 Feb 26, 1996 17 Larry Dixon Loss UD
9 Sep 10, 1995 17 Antonio Ojeda Win KO4
8 Mar 18, 1995 17 Carlos Palafox Win PTS
7 Jan 26, 1995 16 Efrain Munoz Win PTS
6 Oct 17, 1994 16 Victor Lozoya Loss PTS
5 Aug 5, 1994 16 Francisco Lopez Win TKO3
4 Jun 27, 1994 16 Cesar Roland Win KO1
3 Apr 25, 1994 16 Victor Angulo Win TKO4
2 Jan 21, 1994 15 Gilberto Plata Win UD
1 Jan 14, 1994 15 Jose Trujillo Win UD