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Avril Mathie, born on the 12th of May 1987, is a professional boxer from Australia. She made her professional debut against Mirna Elizabeth La Hoz on February 24, 2018, defeating her via 1st round TKO at the age of 30. Mathie, who is also a model and fitness influencer, has a professional record of 8-1-1, which includes three knockout wins. As a boxing writer, I will delve into her career and explore her notable fights, the only defeat she has suffered, and her prospects in the continually evolving boxing landscape.

Mathie's professional record shows that she has fought ten times so far, with eight victories, one loss, and one draw. Her three knockout wins attest to her power and her capability to finish her opponents. However, it is evident that Mathie is on a one-fight losing streak. Her most recent fight was against Ramla Ali, a British boxer, in a non-title bout on February 4, 2023, which she lost by a 10 round unanimous decision.

Mathie's victory over Angelina Hoffschneider on October 17, 2020, is one of her notable wins. She successfully won the bout via unanimous decision. Hoffschneider, a German boxer, had an impressive record of five victories in six fights before facing Mathie.

The victory over Mirna Elizabeth La Hoz during her debut remains a feat that Mathie could be proud of. La Hoz had more professional fights than Mathie, but the latter showed that she was a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Mathie fought Carolina Martinez de Moreta on June 22, 2019, and won by unanimous decision in a six-round contest. She also scored a unanimous decision victory over Judit Hachbold on November 30, 2019, in a four-round bout.

In another impressive victory, Mathie defeated Jesca Mfinanga on December 7, 2019, via unanimous decision. Mfinanga, from Tanzania, had a professional record of one victory and two losses before fighting Mathie. Another noteworthy win for Mathie was her victory over Karen Dulin, a Canadian boxer, on February 29, 2020. Mathie won the fight via unanimous decision.

Mathie's only professional boxing loss occurred on February 4, 2023. She suffered a defeat via a 10 round unanimous decision against Ramla Ali, the same boxer she had defeated earlier in her career. The fight was a non-title bout, and Ali avenged her earlier loss to Mathie. The defeat highlights that despite Mathie's impressive record, she is not invincible and is still vulnerable against determined opponents.

Mathie is on a one-fight losing streak, but this is no cause for alarm. Boxers, like any other athletes, have bad days and can lose. However, defeating Ramla Ali to avenge her loss should be at the forefront of Mathie's mind, and it is possible that they will meet again in the future.

In conclusion, Avril Mathie is an impressive boxer who has shown that she has the ability to perform well in the ring. Her notable victories over Angelina Hoffschneider, Mirna Elizabeth La Hoz, Carolina Martinez de Moreta, Judit Hachbold, Jesca Mfinanga, Karen Dulin, and Moni Trejo attest to her resilience and determination. While she has suffered one loss, she has shown that she is capable of bouncing back and reasserting herself in the boxing world. Mathie's career, which began in 2018, still has a long way to go, and it will be interesting to see how she grows and develops in the increasingly competitive world of professional boxing.

Avril Mathie Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
10 Feb 4, 2023 35 Ramla Ali Loss UD
9 Jun 11, 2022 34 Judit Hachbold Win UD
8 Sep 18, 2021 34 Jesca Mfinanga Win UD
7 Jun 26, 2021 34 Moni Trejo Win UD
6 Jan 30, 2020 32 Angelina Hoffschneider Win TKO4
5 Oct 25, 2019 32 Karen Dulin Win UD
4 Mar 2, 2019 31 Delaney Owen Bailey Win UD
3 Oct 6, 2018 31 Samantha Salazar Draw SD
2 Mar 21, 2018 30 Carolina Martinez de Moreta Win TKO1
1 Feb 24, 2018 30 Mirna Elizabeth La Hoz Win TKO1