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Cornelius Bundrage is a well-known figure in the boxing world, with an impressive record of 37 wins, 6 losses, and 21 of those victories coming by way of knockouts. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to the career of this former two-time world champion, from his tough upbringing in Detroit to his time on the reality TV show, The Contender. Let's take a closer look at what makes Cornelius Bundrage such a unique and formidable fighter.

Born in 1973 in Detroit, Michigan, Bundrage had a difficult childhood. His family didn't have much money, and he often had to fend for himself. Boxing became an outlet for the young Bundrage, who started training at the age of 10 at the local Kronk Gym, which was run by the famous boxing trainer Emanuel Steward. He quickly showed promise, and by the age of 16, Bundrage began competing in amateur fights.

Bundrage turned pro in 1995 and won his first fight against Shawn Purdy via unanimous decision. He went on to win his next 20 fights, including 13 by knockout. Bundrage had his first world title fight at the age of 37, after 34 professional fights, against Cory Spinks for the super-welterweight IBF title. He defeated Spinks via 5th round TKO to become the super-welterweight champion of the world.

During his career, Bundrage fought a total of 44 times, with his record standing at 37 wins, 6 losses, and 21 knockouts. He won two world titles at super-welterweight and successfully defended the IBF title twice, both of which were title-fight KO wins. Some of Bundrage's most notable victories include wins over Carlos Molina, Cory Spinks, Sechew Powell, Joey Hernandez, and Zaurbek Baysangurov.

Bundrage's career wasn't without its setbacks, however, with six losses in total. He suffered his first loss against Sechew Powell via 1st round TKO on May 6, 2005, which ended his 21-fight win streak. He has been stopped three times and lost three times via decision.

Despite the losses, Bundrage is considered to be one of the toughest fighters in the sport, with his aggressive style and relentless punching power. His nickname, K9, is a nod to his ferocity in the ring, and he has certainly earned it over his long and distinguished career.

Bundrage's career highlights include his first world title win against Cory Spinks in August 2010, where he won via 5th round TKO. He successfully defended the title twice, against Sechew Powell and Cory Spinks in June 2012, winning both fights via TKO. He won his second world title against Carlos Molina in October 2014 via 12 round unanimous decision.

Bundrage's boxing career spanned over 25 years, beginning in 1995 and ending in 2020. In his last professional fight on November 7, 2020, Bundrage won a non-title bout against Antoine Elerson via 4th round TKO. He retired from professional boxing with a record of 37-6, which included 21 knockout wins and three losses via knockout, and two title wins.

Outside of the ring, Bundrage has also been involved in reality television. In 2006, he was a contestant on season two of The Contender, where he reached the semi-finals. His time on the show helped to bring more attention to his career and cement his status as one of the top boxers in the sport.

In conclusion, Cornelius Bundrage's impressive career in boxing is a testament to his hard work and determination. From his tough upbringing in Detroit to his time on reality TV, Bundrage has always shown a fierce will to win, and his aggressive style in the ring has made him a formidable opponent. With two world titles and a record of 37 wins and 21 knockouts, Bundrage will go down in history as one of the true greats of the sport.

Cornelius Bundrage Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
44 Nov 7, 2020 47 Antoine Elerson Win TKO4
43 Jun 25, 2017 44 Juan Carlos Rojas Win UD
42 Jan 7, 2017 43 Sergio Gomez Win KO2
41 Sep 12, 2015 42 Jermall Charlo Loss KO3
40 Oct 11, 2014 41 Carlos Molina Win UD
39 Jan 24, 2014 40 Joey Hernandez Win UD
38 Feb 23, 2013 39 Ishe Smith Loss MD
37 Jun 30, 2012 39 Cory Spinks Win TKO7
36 Jun 25, 2011 38 Sechew Powell Win UD
35 Aug 7, 2010 37 Cory Spinks Win TKO5
34 Jun 27, 2009 36 Yuri Foreman NC NC
33 Dec 13, 2008 35 Zaurbek Baysangurov Win TKO5
32 Nov 13, 2008 35 Grady Brewer Loss SD
31 Mar 28, 2008 34 Kassim Ouma Win UD
30 Oct 26, 2007 34 Nelson Manchego Win TKO5
29 Jul 11, 2007 34 Joel Julio Loss TKO8
28 Mar 30, 2007 33 Colin McNeil Win TKO7
27 Jan 12, 2007 33 Chris Smith Win SD
26 Sep 26, 2006 33 Norberto Bravo Win TKO7
25 Feb 10, 2006 32 Steve Forbes Loss UD
24 Feb 3, 2006 32 Walter Wright Win UD
23 Jan 17, 2006 32 Michael Clark Win MD
22 May 6, 2005 32 Sechew Powell Loss TKO1
21 Feb 18, 2005 31 Jonathan Corn Win TKO2
20 Nov 19, 2004 31 Damien Guerra Win TKO2
19 Sep 25, 2004 31 Michael Davis Win TKO9
18 Aug 28, 2004 31 William Harmon Win KO1
17 Jul 17, 2004 31 Kirk Douglas Win TKO2
16 May 29, 2004 31 Eloy Suarez Win UD
15 Apr 2, 2004 30 John Hammond Win KO1
14 Oct 1, 2002 29 Anthony Bowman Win RTD6
13 Jul 5, 2002 29 Scott Robinson Win TKO1
12 Jun 8, 2002 29 Anthony Bowman Win UD
11 Oct 13, 2000 27 Arsen Aivazyan Win UD
10 Jul 29, 2000 27 Sammy Sparkman Win SD
9 Feb 4, 2000 26 Tony Ault Win KO1
8 Dec 10, 1999 26 Lawrence Brooks Win SD
7 Nov 20, 1999 26 Dewayne Holland Win TKO1
6 Aug 6, 1999 26 Charles Howe Win SD
5 Jul 16, 1999 26 Guy Packer Win TKO3
4 Dec 12, 1998 25 Chris Haentjiens Win PTS
3 Nov 14, 1998 25 Leon Finchem Win TKO2
2 Feb 2, 1996 22 Ron Krull Win KO2
1 Sep 15, 1995 22 Shawn Purdy Win UD