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Liam Taylor is a professional boxer with over 20 years of experience in the sport. Throughout his career, he has competed in a total of 28 fights, winning 25, losing 2, drawing once, and having no no-contests. Taylor has secured 12 of his victories via knockout, demonstrating his proficiency in delivering hard-hitting blows to his opponents.

While Taylor has not yet won any titles or title defenses, he has been recognized for his skill and performance in several memorable fights. Some of Taylor's most impressive wins include victories over Daniel Bazo, Tommy Broadbent, Martin Harkin, Pal Olah, Teodor Nikolov, Arvydas Trizno, and James Gorman.

Despite his impressive track record, Taylor has had two losses in his career to date. Both of these losses occurred in non-title bouts, with Taylor experiencing his first loss against Tyrone Nurse via a 10 round unanimous decision. The defeat ended Taylor's 11-fight win streak, but this did not hinder his motivation or diminish his fighting spirit.

In fact, Taylor has continued to improve and evolve his game over the course of his career. His most recent fight against Martin Harkin on October 8, 2022, demonstrated his unwavering drive and commitment to victory. He won the fight via 4th round TKO, securing his current two-fight winning streak and showcasing his ability to dominate in the ring.

When analyzing Taylor's fighting style, it is clear that his knockout ability is a significant asset. He has accumulated 12 knockout wins in his career, demonstrating his capacity to close out a fight with a powerful punch. However, there is more to Taylor's skill set than his knockout prowess, as he is also known for his agility, tenacity, and strategic approach to bouts.

Despite not yet winning any titles, Taylor remains a respected and established figure in the boxing world. His dedication to the sport and determination to succeed have earned him a reputation as a formidable contender and a fighter to watch. While the future of his career is uncertain, it is clear that Taylor's legacy in boxing will continue to inspire and motivate upcoming fighters for years to come.

Liam Taylor Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
28 Oct 8, 2022 31 Martin Harkin Win TKO4
27 Dec 11, 2021 30 Evgenii Vazem Win PTS
26 Oct 2, 2021 30 David Avanesyan Loss TKO2
25 Jul 24, 2021 30 Tommy Broadbent Win KO1
24 Aug 26, 2020 29 Darren Tetley Win UD
23 Nov 30, 2019 28 Chris Jenkins Draw TD
22 May 4, 2019 28 Edvinas Puplauskas Win PTS
21 Nov 17, 2018 27 Tyrone Nurse Win SD
20 Jun 16, 2018 27 Pal Olah Win TKO1
19 Mar 3, 2018 27 Teodor Nikolov Win TKO4
18 Dec 16, 2017 26 Daniel Bazo Win RTD2
17 Jul 29, 2017 26 Arvydas Trizno Win TKO2
16 Apr 21, 2017 26 James Gorman Win TKO4
15 Feb 18, 2017 26 Angel Emilov Win PTS
14 Nov 21, 2015 24 Imre Simon Win TKO2
13 Jul 18, 2015 24 Mark McKray Win PTS
12 Apr 11, 2015 24 Tyrone Nurse Loss UD
11 Jan 31, 2015 24 Mick Mills Win TKO4
10 Oct 18, 2014 23 Ryan Hardy Win PTS
9 Jun 7, 2014 23 Daza Usher Win TKO3
8 Dec 14, 2013 22 Martin McCord Win TKO2
7 Jun 7, 2013 22 Danny Donchev Win PTS
6 Mar 9, 2013 22 Kristian Laight Win PTS
5 Nov 2, 2012 21 Billy Smith Win PTS
4 Apr 28, 2012 21 Andrew Patterson Win PTS
3 Feb 25, 2012 21 Carl Allen Win TKO1
2 Oct 28, 2011 20 Johnny Greaves Win PTS
1 Oct 8, 2011 20 Kristian Laight Win PTS