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Joe Cordina is an accomplished boxer with an impressive track record. With 15 fights and 15 wins, he has yet to taste defeat. Cordina has never experienced a draw or a no-contest, demonstrating his unwavering dominance in the ring. Additionally, he has nine TKO victories, showing his ability to end fights early and decisively. Notably, Cordina has won one world title at super-featherweight, with his latest win against Kenichi Ogawa in 2022.

Cordina's career began with a win against Jose Aguilar in 2017, and he has continued to improve with every fight. In 2022, he had his first world title fight against Kenichi Ogawa, which he won with ease via a 2nd round KO. Cordina's victory over Ogawa was his crowning achievement, making him the IBF super-featherweight world champion.

Some of Cordina's most notable wins include those against Gavin Gwynne, Sean Dodd, Joshuah Hernandez, Andy Townend, Hakim Ben Ali, and Josh Thorne. Cordina's winning streak and his ability to comfortably defeat skilled opponents make him a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

As an undefeated fighter, Cordina is undoubtedly a top contender in his division. His upcoming fight against Shavkat Rakhimov on April 22, 2023, is highly anticipated, and fans and analysts alike are eager to see how Cordina will perform. If Cordina manages to defeat Rakhimov, it will further solidify his position as one of the most formidable boxers competing today.

In addition to his impressive in-ring performances, Cordina's career highlights demonstrate his perseverance and dedication to the sport. Despite his relative lack of experience compared to other top boxers, Cordina has already achieved more than many fighters do in their entire careers. His ability to remain undefeated and continuously grow as a boxer is a testament to his commitment to the sport and his undeniable talent.

In conclusion, Joe Cordina is an exceptional boxer with an extraordinary track record. His unbeaten record, title win, and victories against top opponents have established him as a top contender in his division. Cordina's upcoming fight against Rakhimov is eagerly awaited, and many predict he will add another win to his already impressive record.

Joe Cordina Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
16 Apr 22, 2023 31 Shavkat Rakhimov NA NA
15 Jun 4, 2022 30 Kenichi Ogawa Win KO2
14 Dec 11, 2021 30 Miko Khatchatryan Win UD
13 Aug 14, 2021 29 Joshuah Hernandez Win KO1
12 Mar 20, 2021 29 Faroukh Kourbanov Win MD
11 Nov 30, 2019 27 Enrique Tinoco Win UD
10 Aug 31, 2019 27 Gavin Gwynne Win UD
9 Apr 20, 2019 27 Andy Townend Win TKO6
8 Aug 4, 2018 26 Sean Dodd Win UD
7 Mar 31, 2018 26 Hakim Ben Ali Win TKO3
6 Dec 13, 2017 26 Lee Connelly Win TKO4
5 Oct 28, 2017 25 Lester Cantillano Win PTS
4 Sep 1, 2017 25 Jamie Speight Win TKO1
3 May 27, 2017 25 Josh Thorne Win RTD1
2 Apr 29, 2017 25 Sergej Vib Win TKO1
1 Apr 22, 2017 25 Jose Aguilar Win TKO4