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Marlon Starling was born on August 29, 1959, in Hartford, Connecticut. He is a former professional boxer with years of experience in the sport. His professional boxing career spanned over 11 years, from 1979 to 1990.

Starling started his boxing career at the age of 19 and won his professional debut against Tim LaValley via 3rd round TKO on July 27, 1979. He went on to win the next 24 consecutive fights, which included 15 wins via stoppage.

Marlon Starling had a record of 45-6-1, including 27 knockout wins and two world titles. He fought in the Welterweight and Middleweight weight classes throughout his career.

Career Highlights

Starling fought a total of 53 times in his career, but these three fights stand out as the highlights of his career:

  • February 4, 1984: In his first world title fight, Marlon Starling lost to Donald Curry via 15 round unanimous decision. He was fighting for the WBA and IBF welterweight titles.
  • August 22, 1987: Starling won the WBA welterweight title from Mark Breland via 11th round TKO.
  • February 4, 1989: Starling won the WBC welterweight title from Lloyd Honeyghan via 9th round TKO.

Starling won two world titles in the Welterweight division, and all of his title-fight KO wins came in the same division.

Marlon Starling's Boxing Style and Nickname

Marlon Starling had a unique boxing style and was known for his excellent footwork, deft hand speed, and fluid movement. He had a superb jab and could strike with both hands. His style was technical, and he often used his intelligence and ring IQ to outsmart his opponents.

Starling was nicknamed "Magic Man" due to his ability to mesmerize his opponents with his movements in the ring. He was fun to watch and had an unmistakable aura about him that made him stand out from other fighters.

Marlon Starling's Title Wins and Defenses

Marlon Starling won his first world title on August 22, 1987, by defeating Mark Breland via 11th round TKO. It was a sweet victory for Starling, who had lost to Donald Curry in his previous world title fight. He successfully defended his WBA welterweight title once before losing it to Tomas Molinares in 1988.

Marlon Starling's second world title win came on February 4, 1989, when he defeated Lloyd Honeyghan via 9th round TKO to win the WBC welterweight title. He successfully defended his title once before losing it to Maurice Blocker via a majority decision on August 19, 1990.

Starling's two world titles were impressive and showed that he was one of the best fighters in the Welterweight division during his time.

Marlon Starling's Notable Wins

Marlon Starling had many notable wins throughout his career, but some of the most notable ones include:

  • Lloyd Honeyghan: Marlon Starling defeated Lloyd Honeyghan via 9th round TKO to win the WBC welterweight title in 1989.
  • Mark Breland: Starling won the WBA welterweight title by beating Breland via 11th round TKO.
  • Norberto Bueno: Starling defeated Norberto Bueno via split decision on September 21, 1980.
  • Roberto Mendez: Starling defeated Roberto Mendez via unanimous decision on August 31, 1980.
  • Leo Davis: Starling defeated Leo Davis via 1st round TKO on January 12, 1981.
  • Dexter Smith: Starling defeated Dexter Smith via 6th round TKO on January 30, 1981.

Marlon Starling fought many great fighters throughout his career and showcased his skills in the ring. His notable wins helped establish him as one of the best fighters of his time.

Marlon Starling's Losses

Marlon Starling lost a total of six fights during his professional boxing career, all of which came via decision. Three of those losses came in title bouts and the other three in non-title fights.

Starling's first loss was to Donald Curry via 12 round split decision on October 23, 1982. It was his first defeat, and it broke his 25-fight win streak. Other notable losses include his defeat to Tomas Molinares in 1988, which caused him to lose his WBA welterweight title, and his loss to Maurice Blocker in 1990, which caused him to lose his WBC welterweight title.

Despite his losses, Marlon Starling never lost via KO, which is a testament to his toughness and durability in the ring.


Marlon Starling's last professional fight was a welterweight title fight against Maurice Blocker on August 19, 1990. Starling lost the fight via 12 round majority decision and lost his WBC title. August 19, 1990, marked the end of his professional boxing career.

Marlon Starling retired from professional boxing with a record of 45-6-1, including 27 knockout wins and two world titles. His boxing style, footwork, and intelligence in the ring continue to inspire young fighters today, and his perfect record of never being knocked out remains a remarkable feat in the sport.


Marlon Starling was an exceptional fighter during his time, winning two world titles and losing only six fights in over 11 years of professional boxing. His unique boxing style, intelligence in the ring, and remarkable footwork helped him stand out from other fighters. His legacy in the sport continues to inspire young fighters today.

Marlon Starling Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
53 Aug 19, 1990 30 Maurice Blocker Loss MD
52 Apr 14, 1990 30 Michael Nunn Loss MD
51 Sep 15, 1989 30 Young Kil Jung Win UD
50 Feb 4, 1989 29 Lloyd Honeyghan Win TKO9
49 Jul 29, 1988 28 Tomás Molinares NC NC
48 Apr 16, 1988 28 Mark Breland Draw SD
47 Feb 5, 1988 28 Fujio Ozaki Win UD
46 Aug 22, 1987 27 Mark Breland Win TKO11
45 Jun 5, 1987 27 Norberto Bueno Win KO3
44 Feb 18, 1987 27 Pedro Vilella Win UD
43 Oct 30, 1986 27 Roberto Mendez Win TKO4
42 Sep 19, 1986 27 Dexter Smith Win KO5
41 May 18, 1986 26 Johnny Bumphus Loss TD
40 Apr 6, 1986 26 Ralph Twinning Win TKO7
39 Jan 24, 1986 26 Leo Davis Win KO2
38 Nov 22, 1985 26 Simon Brown Win SD
37 Aug 7, 1985 25 Reggie Miller Win UD
36 Apr 26, 1985 25 Floyd Mayweather Sr. Win UD
35 Jun 15, 1984 24 Pedro Vilella Loss MD
34 Apr 17, 1984 24 Lupe Aquino Win UD
33 Feb 4, 1984 24 Donald Curry Loss UD
32 Nov 26, 1983 24 Bob Graddy Win KO3
31 Nov 10, 1983 24 Sammy Rookard Win TKO5
30 Jul 24, 1983 23 Tommy Ayers Win MD
29 Apr 23, 1983 23 Jose Baret Win UD
28 Feb 5, 1983 23 Jose Baret Win KO4
27 Jan 7, 1983 23 Manuel Madera Win KO3
26 Oct 23, 1982 23 Donald Curry Loss SD
25 Sep 10, 1982 23 Inocencio De la Rosa Win UD
24 Jul 17, 1982 22 Kevin Morgan Win TKO1
23 Jun 5, 1982 22 Babilah McCarthy Win TKO9
22 Apr 23, 1982 22 Ricardo Raul Camoranesi Win KO3
21 Mar 22, 1982 22 Jose Luis Santana Win KO1
20 Jan 29, 1982 22 Danny Paul Win UD
19 Aug 28, 1981 21 Jack Morrell Win TKO2
18 Jun 25, 1981 21 Juan Hidalgo Win TKO5
17 May 29, 1981 21 Johnny Cooper Win TKO1
16 Apr 24, 1981 21 Miguel Angel Hernandez Win TKO8
15 Mar 9, 1981 21 Floyd Mayweather Sr. Win UD
14 Feb 9, 1981 21 Bruce Strauss Win KO2
13 Jan 16, 1981 21 Ruby Ortiz Win UD
12 Nov 25, 1980 21 Curtis Taylor Win UD
11 Nov 3, 1980 21 Dave Bolden Win TKO3
10 Jun 20, 1980 20 Benji Goldstone Win TKO5
9 May 23, 1980 20 Eddie Campbell Win UD
8 Apr 8, 1980 20 Feliciano Cintron Win TKO6
7 Feb 28, 1980 20 Frank Minnigan Win TKO4
6 Jan 9, 1980 20 Charles Newell Win KO7
5 Nov 5, 1979 20 John Saxton Win TKO4
4 Oct 17, 1979 20 Hector Ortiz Win PTS
3 Sep 27, 1979 20 Jerry North Win PTS
2 Sep 7, 1979 20 Hubert Jackson Win UD
1 Jul 27, 1979 19 Tim LaValley Win TKO3