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Michael Watson is a British former professional boxer who had a successful career in the ring that spanned over six years from 1984 to 1991. He was born on March 15, 1965, and became known in the boxing world for his performances as a Middleweight and Super-middleweight fighter.

He recorded an impressive thirty fights throughout his career, recording twenty-five wins, four losses, and one draw. It's worth noting that Watson never experienced any No-Contests in his professional boxing career. The former champion knocked out twenty-one of his opponents, showing his talents as a striker in the ring.

Despite gaining a reputation as a pugilist, Watson didn't win any world titles throughout his career. He took part in three fights that would have led him to the championship gold but lost all three. On the other hand, he won the Commonwealth middleweight title in 1989 and enjoyed a coveted reputation among boxing lovers.

Watson had a mesmerizing debut in boxing when he was only 19 years old, defeating Winston Wray via a fourth-round TKO. After a series of victories following his debut, Watson was handed his first world title fight at the age of 25. He stepped in the ring against Mike McCallum for the WBA title but lost the fight after the eleventh round KO.

The London-born fighter had some phenomenal triumphs throughout his career and impressed the boxing community with his style of play. Among some of his best fights, victories over Errol Christie, Anthony Brown, Nigel Benn, Craig Trotter, Franklin Owens, Jimmy Shavers, and Ricky Stackhouse all stand out.

Michael's performance in the ring brought him the nickname "The Force." He used his Orthodox stance to become a successful Middleweight and Super-middleweight fighter throughout his career. Aside from his successful record, he is known for his philanthropic works and continues to give back to his community.

In his professional boxing career, Michael suffered four significant losses, three of them in title fights and one in a non-title bout. James Cook handed him the first loss via an eight-round PTS in May 1986. The fighter was stopped by his opponent twice and lost two times via decision.

September 21, 1991, was the last time Michael Watson took part in a boxing match. It involved fellow British boxer Chris Eubank. The bout was for the vacant super-middleweight WBO title, and Watson lost the fight via 12th round TKO. The fight was memorable because Michael was ahead on points, and it looked like he was going to get the stoppage victory, but Chris Eubanks delivered a devastating uppercut that caused Watson to fall and hit the back of his head against the ropes. Watson collapsed in the ring, and it was 28 minutes before he received treatment. He spent 40 days in a coma and had six brain surgeries to remove the blood clot.

The incident led Michael Watson to retire, and though it was a sour ending to his boxing career, he has picked himself up and continued to use his story for inspiration and motivation. He sued the British Boxing Board of Control for negligence and received damages of around £1 million, which he donated to charity.

Despite his injuries, Watson's legacy as a fighter continues to inspire the younger generation. He has been awarded an MBE for his services to disability sport and is a torchbearer in the 2012 Paralympic relay.

The Michael Watson foundation has been created to raise funds to support individuals who have suffered head injuries. Michael also uses his experience to raise awareness about the dangers of boxing and other contact sports and has shared his story with others to inform them of the 'hidden' risks that they face.

In conclusion, Michael Watson is a former professional boxer with an impressive record. Though he never won any world titles, his performance in the ring and reputation have earned him a special place in boxing history. The former champ has been through a lot, but he continues to give back, using his experience to enlighten others and inspire them to make the best of their situations. Despite the challenges that he's faced, Michael Watson continues to be an icon in boxing and beyond.

Michael Watson Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
30 Sep 21, 1991 26 Chris Eubank Loss TKO12
29 Jun 22, 1991 26 Chris Eubank Loss MD
28 May 1, 1991 26 Anthony Brown Win KO1
27 Jan 23, 1991 25 Craig Trotter Win TKO6
26 Nov 18, 1990 25 Errol Christie Win TKO3
25 Apr 14, 1990 25 Mike McCallum Loss KO11
24 May 21, 1989 24 Nigel Benn Win TKO6
23 Mar 8, 1989 23 Franklin Owens Win TKO3
22 Jan 18, 1989 23 Jimmy Shavers Win TKO3
21 Oct 24, 1988 23 Reggie Miller Win TKO5
20 Jul 28, 1988 23 Israel Cole Draw TD
19 May 4, 1988 23 Ricky Stackhouse Win TKO4
18 Apr 13, 1988 23 Joe McKnight Win TKO4
17 Mar 9, 1988 22 Kenneth Styles Win TKO9
16 Feb 3, 1988 22 Don Lee Win TKO5
15 Oct 28, 1987 22 Sam Houston Win TKO2
14 Oct 5, 1987 22 Franky Moro Win TKO4
13 Mar 19, 1987 22 Cliff Gilpin Win PTS
12 Feb 22, 1987 21 Ralph Smiley Win PTS
11 Jan 19, 1987 21 Ian Chantler Win TKO4
10 Nov 4, 1986 21 Alan Baptiste Win PTS
9 Jul 19, 1986 21 Simon Collins Win KO1
8 May 20, 1986 21 James Cook Loss PTS
7 May 7, 1986 21 Carlton Warren Win PTS
6 Feb 19, 1986 20 Karl Barwise Win TKO3
5 Nov 5, 1985 20 Martin McEwan Win TKO6
4 Jun 5, 1985 20 Gary Tomlinson Win TKO4
3 Apr 14, 1985 20 Dennis Sheehan Win TKO3
2 Feb 26, 1985 19 Johnny Elliott Win TKO8
1 Oct 16, 1984 19 Winston Wray Win TKO4