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Israel Vázquez is a retired Mexican professional boxer with an impressive record of 44 wins, 5 losses, and 32 KO wins. He was a five-time world champion at super-bantamweight, successfully defending his titles five times. His last fight was a non-title rematch against fellow Mexican boxer Rafael Márquez in 2010, which he lost via a 3rd round KO. Let's take a closer look at Vázquez's career highlights, significant wins, and losses.

Vázquez's professional boxing career spanned over 15 years, starting in 1995 when he made his debut at the age of 17. In his debut fight, he defeated Eduardo Rosas via a 1st round TKO. After this win, Vázquez went on to win eight more consecutive fights, seven of which were stoppages.

Vázquez didn't have his first world title fight until he was 26 years old, after 38 professional fights. He fought against José Luis Valbuena for the super-bantamweight IBF title on March 25, 2004, which Vázquez won via a 12th round TKO to become the super-bantamweight champion of the world. He went on to win four more world titles at super-bantamweight, and for all the details about his world title wins and defenses, you can refer to "Israel Vázquez World Titles."

One of Vázquez's career highlights was his first world title win against José Luis Valbuena. It was the start of his world championship journey, and it came after he had already fought in 38 professional bouts. His determination and hard work paid off, as he secured the title via a 12th round TKO.

Vázquez's most significant win was against Óscar Larios on December 3, 2005. He won the WBC and The Ring super-bantamweight titles, defeating Larios via a 3rd round TKO. This victory marked Vázquez as one of the best super-bantamweight boxers in the world, and it was the start of his reign as the best in his weight class. He went on to defend his titles in his next two fights, winning against Ivan Hernández via 4th round RTD, and Jhonny González via a 10th round TKO.

Another career highlight of Vázquez was on August 4, 2007, when he won the WBC and The Ring super-bantamweight titles from Rafael Márquez. He beat Márquez via a 6th round TKO, continuing his reign as the best in his weight class. Vázquez was dominant in the ring, and his combination of a strong chin, precise punching, and relentless pressure made him a tough opponent for anyone.

Vázquez's last defense of his world titles was on March 1, 2008, against Rafael Márquez. He won the fight via a 12 round split-decision, successfully defending his titles for the fifth time. This victory cemented Vázquez's status as the best super-bantamweight boxer in the world at the time.

Unfortunately, Vázquez suffered five losses in his professional career, one in a title bout, and four in non-title bouts. He suffered his first loss against Ulises Flores via a 1st round TKO on October 5, 1996. Vázquez was stopped four times and lost once via decision.

Despite his losses, Vázquez was a fighter to be reckoned with in the ring. He fought some of the best boxers in his weight class, including Rafael Márquez, Óscar Larios, Ivan Hernández, Jhonny González, Angel Antonio Priolo, Artyom Simonyan, and José Luis Valbuena, and came out on top in many of those fights.

Vázquez's last professional fight was a non-title rematch against Rafael Márquez on May 22, 2010. Unfortunately, Vázquez lost the fight via a 3rd round KO. It's been over a decade since that fight, and Vázquez has since retired from professional boxing.

Israel Vázquez's career was filled with achievements and memorable moments, from winning his first world title to defending his titles five times. He was a dominant force in the super-bantamweight class and fought some of the best boxers in the world. Although his career had its ups and downs, Vázquez will always be remembered as one of the greatest boxers from Mexico.

Israel Vázquez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
49 May 22, 2010 32 Rafael Márquez Loss KO3
48 Oct 10, 2009 31 Angel Antonio Priolo Win KO9
47 Mar 1, 2008 30 Rafael Márquez Win SD
46 Aug 4, 2007 29 Rafael Márquez Win TKO6
45 Mar 3, 2007 29 Rafael Márquez Loss RTD7
44 Sep 16, 2006 28 Jhonny González Win TKO10
43 Jun 10, 2006 28 Ivan Hernández Win RTD4
42 Dec 3, 2005 27 Óscar Larios Win TKO3
41 May 31, 2005 27 Armando Guerrero Win UD
40 Dec 28, 2004 27 Artyom Simonyan Win TKO5
39 Mar 25, 2004 26 José Luis Valbuena Win TKO12
38 Sep 19, 2003 25 Trinidad Mendoza Win TKO7
37 May 22, 2003 25 Jorge Eliécer Julio Win TKO10
36 Sep 26, 2002 24 Justo Almazan Win UD
35 May 17, 2002 24 Óscar Larios Loss TKO12
34 Feb 22, 2002 24 Osvaldo Guerrero Win UD
33 Oct 25, 2001 23 Felipe Ramirez Win KO5
32 May 19, 2001 23 Ever Beleno Win KO2
31 Jan 7, 2001 23 Don Don Concepcion Win TKO3
30 Oct 27, 2000 22 Eddie Saenz Win KO2
29 Aug 17, 2000 22 Javier Varguez Win KO3
28 Jul 29, 2000 22 Amador Vasquez Win TKO2
27 May 6, 2000 22 Eddie Saenz Win KO3
26 Feb 4, 2000 22 Héctor Velázquez Win SD
25 Jan 7, 2000 22 Edel Ruiz Win UD
24 Oct 3, 1999 21 Adarryl Johnson Win MD
23 Aug 9, 1999 21 Nelson Ramon Medina Win KO7
22 Mar 27, 1999 21 Marcos Licona Loss SD
21 Nov 30, 1998 20 Agustin Lorenzo Win TKO8
20 Oct 22, 1998 20 Frank Lizarraga Win UD
19 Aug 10, 1998 20 Juan Manuel Chavez Win UD
18 Jun 8, 1998 20 Oscar Javier Garcia Win TKO4
17 Mar 15, 1998 20 Antonio Ramirez Win UD
16 Feb 21, 1998 20 Saul Briseno Win TD
15 Aug 30, 1997 19 Enrique Angeles Win TKO9
14 Jun 14, 1997 19 Marcello Nava Win TKO4
13 Apr 12, 1997 19 Óscar Larios Win KO1
12 Mar 29, 1997 19 Erik Lopez Win TKO3
11 Nov 30, 1996 18 Abraham Barrientos Win TKO5
10 Oct 5, 1996 18 Ulises Flores Loss TKO1
9 Sep 7, 1996 18 Saul Briseno Win TKO3
8 May 3, 1996 18 Enrique Martinez Win TKO1
7 Apr 19, 1996 18 Joel Nolasco Win KO2
6 Mar 8, 1996 18 Cecilio Marino Jimenez Win KO7
5 Feb 16, 1996 18 Alejandro Pantaleon Win KO3
4 Sep 6, 1995 17 Raul Gonzales Win DQ
3 Jun 21, 1995 17 Jesus Romero Win TKO1
2 Apr 19, 1995 17 Sergio Lopez Win KO1
1 Mar 29, 1995 17 Eduardo Rosas Win TKO1